Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guy Norris: ZA001 to go through 5 testing blocks during early intermediate gauntlet testing

Intermediate gauntlet testing is underway and according to Guy Norris, ZA001 will go through 5 blocks of tests during the early period of intermediate gauntlet testing. Additionally, the start of this testing was slightly delayed for unknown reasons. The five blocks outlines by Guy should be completed by late Sunday night. Of course this is just the start of intermediate gauntlet testing that is expected to last until next Friday.

Lastly, Guy says that there is testing ongoing on ZA002 which includes tests on the electronic bay cooing system as well as tests on some computerized maintenance tasks.

Guy's 21st 787 Report

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Anonymous said...

Will ZA002 be duplicating the same tests as ZA002 ? Same time period?

Anything different?