Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flightblogger: ZA001 has APU start!

Jon Ostrower is reporting that Everett area photographer Matt Cawby has gotten pictures of Dreamliner 1's APU stat. If so this is another major milestone taken on the road to first flight.

ZA001 APU start.

Matt Cawby's report


Anonymous said...

T'was planned for April 27th, so we're again 3 weeks late. Not that it matters, only shows that putting the schedule under a microscope is kind of overdoing it. This is pre-flight testing. It will fly when it is ready to fly. Relax!

Anonymous said...

"It will fly when it flies" is a truism.

Most of us are caught up in the excitement of the progress and are just trying to find out what steps are being taken and what the prospects are towards flight.

Rumors and gossip and fact will follow but we hope some of the knowlegeable people following this can help sort that out and keep us informed.

Another alternative is to pay no attention and wait for the news the day of the flight but this is more interesting and enables us to follow the journey on a closer basis.

By the way (above comment) , how did you know that this was originally called for April 27th. What is next on the schedule?

Anonymous said...

What schedule is being referred to ?