Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Boeing confirms March 31st date for 787-10 First Flight

Boeing just released the date for the first flight of the 787-10 which is March 31st as I had reported earlier.

This is all weather dependent.  I expect that Boeing will fly ZC001 (LN 528, N528ZC) to Boeing Field by April 10th to start flight and certification testing of the 787-10.  This process should take about year.  Currently the second 787-10 (GE powered) is due to roll out of the Charleston assembly building 88-30 today and the last 787-10 flight test aircraft should start final assembly in early April and should be flying around late May.

In the meantime, Boeing has been continuing flight tests of the Trent 100 TEN engine on ZA004 (N7874, LN 004) which is the engine that is fitted to ZC001.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March production and delivery schedule for 787

With the 1st two months of the year in the books, Boeing is looking to finish out the 1st quarter in strong fashion.

Delivery wise, Boeing is hoping to deliver 11 787s. Some planned notable deliveries include early build 787-8s to Ethiopian and to a yet to be determine customer who is buying the air frame once bought by Crystal Cruises.  I must stress the deliveries are tentative as we have seen in the past that sometime they just don't occur.  ZD007 (LN 16, ET-ATH) was supposed to be delivered at the end of February and now it is scheduled to be delivered at the end of March.  ZD009 (LN 17) was going to be taken up by Crystal Cruises until they found out it was too small for their use.  They may have found a buyer but it is still unknown who or even if there is a new buyer.

The UAE government will be taking its second 787 and first 787-9 for Presidential/VIP duties in March. Other than that it will be a ho hum affair with deliveries to usual suspects like Saudi Arabian (2), Avianca (1), American (1), JAL (1), Air Canada (1), Virgin Atlantic (1) and Norwegian (1).  Six of the eleven have had their B-1 and one 787-8 (for Avianca) has had it customer flights.  The remaining 5 should have their first flight by March 15th.  Most deliveries (9 of 11) should occur in the second half of the month. Deliveries in March will heavily favor Everett as they should deliver 8 787 while Charleston will deliver 3.  This is due to the introduction of the 787-10 into final assembly thus mandating the need to have some production frames moved to Everett so as not to disrupt assembly of customer aircraft.

Production for the first half of March should see 6 787s start final assembly with another 6 rolling out by mid March.

Lastly, I'm hearing that the 787-10 should make its maiden flight by the end of the month.  March 31st is penciled in for the first flight date but I'll you all know as soon as I can get more clarity on this date.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

787 Results for February 2017

Testing Complete3
To be assembled in Everett196
To be assembled in Charleston147
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly7
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Change Incorporation and Re-Work2
Pre-Flight Prep9
Production Testing6
Non Customer Flight Tests1
Ready for Delivery1

Boeing delivered 9 787 during February (2 787-8s  and 7 787-9s), 1 short of what I expected them to deliver.  Boeing has delivered 21 787s in 2017 (4 787-8s and 17 787-9s) and 521 787s since program deliveries began (328 787-8s and 193 787-9s).  The one airplane that wasn't delivered was ZD007 (LN 16, ET-ATH) for Ethiopian Airlines.  I don't have any information as to why it wasn't delivered but since the airplane flew last week on a VIP flight between Paine Field and Boeing Field in Seattle, I think we can rule out any issues with the aircraft it self.  The aircraft has yet to fly its customer flight for final acceptance.  I am speculating that the delivery delay may have more to do with obtaining financing for the final payment to Boeing since EX-IM Bank still cannot approve financing over $10 million.

The only notable delivery was the first 787-9 for Korean Air which was delivered on February 22nd.

Production of the 787s continued at the 12/month pace as 12 airplanes were rolled out of Boeing factories including the first 787-10.

Boeing Photo
Boeing Photo

Boeing Photo

Boeing Photo
Boeing started final assembly work on at least 9 787s including the first GE powered 787-10.  I expect his airplane to roll out around late March/early April.  I expect that the first flight of the 787-10 should occur within the first 10 days of March as the aircraft is currently undergoing ground gauntlet testing.

Because of the low number of deliveries coupled with the high production output, the 787 inventory around Charleston and Everett has grown.  The efficiency ratio is 1.33 in February for the entire 787 program.  For Everett, the efficiency ration stands at 1.0 while for Charleston the ratio is 2.0 due to the low number of 787 deliveries.

Boeing did grow the 787 backlog by adding yet another unknown Chinese airline, this time Juneyao Airlines.  They ordered 5 787-9s and curiously while both the airline and Boeing made an announcement of the order, it is listed on Boeing's O & D site as unidentified as are most Chinese orders.

I hope to have another post soon of 787 delivery and production expectations for March

Thursday, February 16, 2017

1st 787-10 Outside Charleston Paint Hangar



Here's another much better picture.  I'm not sure who tok it but clearly you can see how much larger the -10 is vs. the -9 and -8.

Here's the first 787-10 painted and waiting outside the Charleston paint hangar!  This was posted on Twitter about 20 minutes ago by Jon Ostrower.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

787 Mid Month review for February 2017

Testing Complete3
To be assembled in Everett134
To be assembled in Charleston98
Parts Arriving6
Undergoing final assembly8
Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work0
Change Incorporation and Re-Work2
Pre-Flight Prep7
Production Testing5
Non Customer Flight Tests1
Ready for Delivery4

So far in February Boeing has delivered 4 787 (1 -8s and 3 -9s) with four more airplanes just having recently completed their customer flight, Boeing is well on it's way to delivering 10 787s.  One of those ten will be ZD007 (LN 16, ET-ATH) which is an early build 787.  This one should deliver by the 28th.  Thus far, Boeing has delivered 16 787s this year and 516 since program deliveries started in 2011.

Also on tap for delivery is Korean Air's first 787-9 and first aircraft for regular passenger service.  This aircraft, ZB656 (LN 525, HL8081), just recently completed its customer flight and should deliver around February 22.  Korean Air took delivery of an early build 787-8 that they will operate on as a Presidential/VIP aircraft on behalf of the South Korean govt.

Production is still being limited by the introduction of the 787-10 into the production system.  Again most production 787s are being diverted to Everett for final assembly thus ensuring that assembly of customer aircraft is not impacted by any issues that may occur when assembling the 787-10.  Next Monday the first 787-10 powered by GE engines will enter final assembly.  Since the last -10 took 50 days to be assembled, I expect the the assembly time to be a little less.  

Of course the big news out Charleston was that Boeing workers there rejected IAM's attempts to unionize the 3,000 employees 74% to 26%. This was a resounding defeat for IAM who cannot hold another vote to unionize until one year from now at the earliest.  

Lastly, some other news from South Carolina, Boeing will open the 2nd paint bay it its newly completed paint hangar by the end of this month thus completely eliminating the need to fly 787s to Louisiana or California for painting as well as saving time and money ferrying the aircraft back and forth.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Boeing to introduce 1st 787-10 on Friday February 17; Roll out from paint hangar still set for February 16th

Boeing is set to present to the 1st 787-10 to the world on February 17th.  The roll out will be attended by Trump who has criticized the 787 in a past tweet:

In another irony the 787 uses a worldwide supplier base that he has repeatedly railed against and now he'll be attending the unveiling of the largest member of that aircraft family.

Nevertheless the aircraft has had a very smooth assembly thus far and the projected window for first flight is reportedly to March 10th.  It does not mean that it will fly on March 10th rather the window ends on that date.  I strongly feel, given that this is a simple stretch of the 787-9 and the flawless execution on the -9 development, the -10 should fly by the end of this month.

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Change to the 787 Tables on All Things 787

I've implemented a change to the 787 tables which improves the experience and allows readers more flexibility.

You can now access all the tables with one link and anyone can now filter for specific information.  Users can not edit or add information (that ability stays with me to ensure the integrity of the information).  I've always wanted to give users more flexibility in what and how they see the information.  I hope this helps all of you and maintains interest in this blog.  Thank you all for your support!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Singapore Airlines places mega wide body order including 19 787-10

Boeing and Singapore Airlines signed an LoI for a very large wide body order.  The order is 30 x 777-9X plus 6 options and 19 x 787-10 + 6 options.  The deal includes the flexibility for Singapore Air to switch the 787-10 order to other 787 models.  The carrier is scheduled to get the first 787-10 in about 15 months, May 2018.

This is a huge boost for Boeing as they widebody orders have almost dried up in 2016.

Speaking of the 787-10, the first 787-10 is currently in the Charleston paint hangar and this aircraft should roll out of the paint hangar on February 16th.  Any Charleston spotters...please try and send my pictures...I'll post them here  and of course give you full credit.  I don't have a time when it will come out unfortunately.