Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Randy's Journal: 787 Update

Randy Tinseth, at Boeing, updated his blog "Randy's Journal" letting us know what is coming up next for the 787 on the road to first flight.

Also Matt Cawby reported that Boeing is/was troubleshooting a high current rate on the APU inlet door actuator motor. The electrical current is to high for some reason but it seems to be a minor issue. Also it has been reported by another blogger that a hydraulic line was accidentally broken by a worker allowing for a leak inside ZA001. The break has been repaired and there are no other issues. This run contrary to a rumor saying that was major problems with the fueling tests of the aircraft as well as the hydraulic tests.

These were nothing but false rumors. The plane is still continuing to an engine first start on either this Thursday or Friday.

Randy Tinseth Blog.


Anonymous said...

How do you manage to sort out rumor from truth?

There are several reputable bloggers I follow and non of them is reporting the information you have at this time.

Uresh said...

I verify things or trust the sources I get them from.