Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boeing losses another 25 787 orders

Boeing released it's weekly order update and the news isn't good. There was a cancellation of 25 787s in the past week. It is not known whom the order(s) are from but I will try to find out.

See Boeing's Weekly order update here.

This is more shocking than learning that Manny Ramirez is taking 'roids.

UPDATE: ok I got more information. Apparently, the customer who placed an order for 23 787 in January 2008 (and for an earlier two in July 2006). This customer may not be an airline customer. This customer is in a bit of trouble which is leading to speculation that it could be ILFC.

UPDATE 2: I got a message from a very knowledgable industry source that it is NOT ILFC who cancelled the order.

UPDATE 3: Jon Ostrower is reporting that the customer who had cancelled the 25 787-8s was quite possibly an unidentified customer when the order was originally placed. Read Jon posting.

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Anonymous said...

They've got the 787 running! Here's a link to the story.