Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guy Norris: Intermediate Gauntlet May Start On May 28th.

UPDATE: The LCF did fly in the forward fuselage section for ZA100 (the first production 787 for ANA). All that's left is the main fuselage section and final assembly can start on this airplane.

Some news on the schedule for the 787 first flight. Guy Norris is saying that intermediate gauntlet could start as early as this Thursday (May 28th) but it seems that Boeing may still be finalizing the final content of the intermediate. Guy reported that a final pre-intermediate gauntlet test meeting has been pushed back until tomorrow from today.

Also Matt Cawby is reporting on his web site that ZA001 has undergone VHF/RF radio checks until about 2 PM Monday afternoon when they closed down for the Memorial Day holiday. Additionally, Matt reported that the APU was tested twice, once on right common motor controller starter and the other time on the electric motor pump circuit. Matt also said that full gear swing tests were conducted while the aircraft was in the air mode.

Guy's Report
Matt's Report

Finally, it looks like the LCF might be flying in the nose section for ZA100 this afternoon.


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Flightblogger reported it would be two weeks before intermediate testing and now it appears it was less than a week. How come it was so shortened?