Monday, May 25, 2009

787: No rest for the weary on Memorial Day

Despite the Memorial Day Weekend, Boeing is still going full tilt is getting the 787 ready for its first flight. They have 36 days to get her in the air with gauntlet testing, low speed and high speed taxi runs still ahead for ZA001.

Guy Norris reported that VHF/RF tests were completed yesterday and today they're running verification tests of the systems test monitor devices.

Matt Cawby reports on his blog that controls surfaces were tested yesterday in the air mode using the center hydraulic system as well as cycling the right engine thrust reverser 30 times between the stowed and deployed positions.

Guy's Report

Matt's Report


Anonymous said...

Sounds like alot of acomplishments...but never heard of these tests..

How does it look at this point to get it in the air by the end of June? ( Safely)...probably too early to tell

Anonymous said...


Has Boeing clearly signaled that its software has been so "matured" that it appears that final gauntlet will be less risky and shorter? Is this an accurate appraisal

Anonymous said...

Do you know if Boeing is working on the 787 Tests 24 hours a day or normal days work.

If 24 hours that increases the chances of normal or early completion.

Anonymous said...

How is progressed in the testing process measured? Is there a master checkoff sheet...something that is coordinated with the FAA?

Anonymous said...

What reports will Boeing give out during this period? Just milestone levels...or specific accomplishments

Anonymous said...

Is there any way that Boeing can cut corners in the testing process?

Can the Executives put pressure on the Testing Pilots or Team?

Uresh said...


Anonymous said...

Since the tests are done on a progressive basis, will it only be after the taxi tests that we will know if the plane will fly.

That is...does every day present a new challenge and obstacle to flight?

Or, at some point things have been going so well, that it would be fair to say that flight will probably be a go.