Thursday, May 21, 2009

787 Pre start activities on going

Guy Norris Updated his blog with Rolls Royce confirming that the engines are on. Guy also said that Boeing is speeding up ground testing with hydraulic testing slated for tomorrow. Intermediate gauntlet testing should start very soon.

Guy's blog posting.


UPDATE: Jon Ostrower is reporting that intermediate gauntlet will start sooner than anticipated by Boeing. Good news! Also power on for ZA003 will occur very soon. Boeing is saying that gauntlet testing will be in the next two weeks and ground testing is progressing very rapidly. Also development work on the 787-9 has begun. Boeing plans to have firm configuration by the end of the 4th quarter of this year. Still planning on 10/month 787 production by mid-2012. Boeing have implemented several blocks of improvments in the production aircraft. First block has improvements mainly in the wing. Certification for lightening strikes is on going.

Pre start activities for the first start of the Trent 1000s are taking place. A fire truck has been moved up and the engine cowlings have been closed and locked. These pre start tests should soon lead to first engine start soon.

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