Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flightblogger: First 787 engine start tests may be hours away

Jon Ostrower just posted saying that the first engine start tests may just be hours away as the road to 787 first flight continues on it's current pace. Roll Royce staff is on hand to assist Boeing with the engine start tests which is usually signaled when the residual oil is burnt away resulting in a cloud of white smoke.

Currently the limiting factor is the weather around the Everett area.

Additionally, Matt Cawby reported that ZA001 went through functional tests including APU fire shutdown, RAM deploy and thrust reverser deploy (for the right side). Each of these functional tests were conducted 10 times each.

Things are picking up at Everett.

Jon's Road to 787 First Flight
Matt Cawby's 787 Functional Test Report


Anonymous said...

Do you think you could describe in general terms what additional tests or processes have to be completed before the engines are powered on. i.e RAT and ram deploy, etc...are there many before startup...

Anonymous said...

Is it true that in the intermediate gauntlet the engines will be run for 8 consecutive days