Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flightblogger: Details on revised gauntlet testing on ZA001

Jon Ostrower revealed some of Boeing's revised gauntlet testing timetable and how it impacts the ZA001's path to first flight.

First off the maturity of the systems, given all the testing that these systems had undergone during the delays allowed Boeing to get these systems to a more mature flight ready condition than would have otherwise been possible.

Further Boeing is supposed to start intermediate gauntlet testing as either today or tomorrow and will run 7 days. Originally intermediate gauntlet wasn't going to be as long but they essentially have moved certain final gauntlet tasks to the left of the schedule and made them part of the intermediate gauntlet testing and thus shortening the time needed for final gauntlet testing.

Jon explains that Boeing is able to do this because they figured out what testing can be done concurrently and what test are absolutely necessary prior to first flight.

Lastly, Matt Cawby reported that Boeing undertook two HF radio checks as well as running the RAT twice to verify RPM and amperage as well as testing the high lift control system for the flaps and slats.

Flightblogger report

Matt Cawby's report

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