Monday, June 1, 2009

Flightblogger: Boeing confirms 787 intermediate gauntlet tests

Flightblogger confirmed that ZA001 has started intermediate gauntlet testing which should be completed by this Friday at the latest. Jon also said that high powered engine runs were conducted on Friday (May 29th) prior to the start of gauntlet testing.
Boeing also confirmed the start of the tests on Randy Tinseth's blog that was posted last night. In his blog, Randy says that they won't expect to put out any more progress reports over the next few days as they're busy getting and analyzing data during this testing. Randy also linked to a great video of the first engine run on ZA001.

Flightblogger posting confirming start of intermediate gauntlet testing.

Randy's Blog: The Gauntlet Begins


Anonymous said...

Will ZA002 be going through the same tests? Will it take the same time?

Anything different in the tsting?

Anonymous said...

How will we know when the intermediate gauntlet is completed? Boeing says it will not announce anything until it has had a chance to review the data.

Uresh said...

If I or the other bloggers get confirmed word that it's done then it'll be up. Else we wait for Boeing's word on the matter.