Sunday, August 25, 2013

Boeing rolls out 1st 787-9, deliveries increased last week.

Photo Courtesy of The Boeing Corporation
Boeing rolled out the first 787-9 to the flightline in preparation for first flight and the start flight and certification testing.  The program is expected to last approximately six months and would use three dedicated flight test aircraft: ZB001 (LN 126, N789EX), ZB002 (LN 133, N789FT), and ZB021 (LN 139, N789ZB) as well as one production standard aircraft that is not equipped with flight test gear: ZB197 (LN 146) which is earmarked for delivery to ANA.

Currently ZB001 is at the Everett fuel dock where it will undergo fueling tests and first start up of its APU.  Later it will move to the flightline for first engine start, gauntlet testing taxi tests and finally first flight.  I anticipate that ZB001 should be flying in about 2 - 3 weeks from now depending on how the other testing goes.  Here's the text of Boeing's press release:

Boeing Rolls Out First 787-9 Dreamliner

Second member of the super-efficient 787 family on track

EVERETT, Wash., Aug. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] has completed the first 787-9 Dreamliner. The second member of the super-efficient 787 family rolled out of the Everett, Wash., factory today to the flight line, where teams are preparing it to fly later this summer.

At 20 feet (6 m) longer than the 787-8, the 787-9 will extend the 787 family in both capacity and range, carrying 40 more passengers an additional 300 nautical miles (555 km). The 787-9 leverages the visionary design of the 787-8 such as its exceptional environmental performance — 20 percent less fuel use and 20 percent fewer emissions than similarly sized airplanes — and passenger-pleasing features.

With the second and third airplanes in final assembly, Boeing and the 787-9 are on track. First delivery to launch customer Air New Zealand is set for mid-2014.

In other production news, Boeing delivered 6 787s between Aug. 16th and Aug. 23rd.  Looking ahead o the last week of August they will certainly deliver at least 2 more (1 each to Japan Airlines and Hainan Airlines).  There is a possibility of delivering two more to Air India but these deliveries, which were expected to take place last week and were held up due to Air India's inability to find financing to complete the purchase, may be held even longer due to the aforementioned inability to secure bridge financing.  Boeing had hoped to deliver one more 787 to British Airways this month but due to technical issues which forced the cancellation of 2 attempts to carry out B-1 testing it is now doubtful that this aircraft can be delivered this month.  Boeing will, at the very least, finish up August with 9 deliveries possibly 11.

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1coolguy1 said...

Uresh - your comment on AI's needing financing is interesting in that it's remarkable Boeing would have built the 7 AI 787's that have been assembled (incl 2 ready for delivery) without firm financing in place. As sophisticated as Boeing is one would think this could happen.

Even after discounts, there's at least 3/4 of a BILLION sitting on the tarmac.

Going forward Boeing will only have 2 words for AI's future orders "Cash Only".

These may be on hand for awhile.

Does the ExIm bank come into play in these situations? maybe with an Indian Gov't guarantee?

TravelingMan said...

The Indian Rupee is really low in value right now against the dollar. Don't know if that is affecting things but India is a somewhat cash strapped country to begin with.

pkade said...

How will the interminable Air India delays affect the compensation Boeing agreed to pay for the delivery delays?

Rick Lieberson said...

I think they should just repaint them and give them to someone else.

larmeyers said...

Changing the subject just a little... what is the plan for the 3 test -9's? Will all 3 be refurbed and placed in service with carriers? If so are there already buyers?

thanks in advance...

Uresh said...

They'll be refurbished and delivered to customers.

petera380 said...

The first two go to Air New Zealand

Ankith Singh said...

An Air India was expected to be fly out to New Delhi but seems to have vanished from list from Departures from Everett.

Uresh - Do you know whats happening.

One other thing and i have ben wanting to know this for a long time. What is up with ZA004 and ZA005. They are going on long flights recently. Any idea whats the plan with them ?

greg said...

@Rick Lieberson "I think they should just repaint them and give them to someone else."

The seats and interior layout are different from airline to airline, too.

greg said...

@larmeyers "what is the plan for the 3 test -9's? Will all 3 be refurbed and placed in service with carriers?"

I believe they all have firm buyers already, with the very first one mentioned in the press as going to launch customer Air New Zealand.

1coolguy1 said...

The AI ferry flight flying east from Paine to Gandhi is a scheduled non-stop flight time of 14:12 and 8,281 sm: This is a remarkable trip, in statute miles! Is this because it's within the planes design or because the plane is not carrying much of a load?

Checking online times from Seattle, the fastest, with one stop in Dubai, is 20.30, on a 777ER.