Friday, August 16, 2013

Everett has a busy day with locally built 787s, Charleston silent

Today was a busy day for the 787s at Everett with a couple of deliveries and a few test flights that is setting up for more deliveries in the coming couple of weeks.

Boeing started out the day by delivering 2 787s, one to ILFC for Aeromexico (ZA561) and one to Thomson (ZA320)).  The 787 for Air India (ZA242) which I reported as delivered yesterday will actually be delivered on Monday August 19 and flown to India on August 20th.  To date Boeing has delivered (not counting the Air India jet) 76 with 3 coming this month so far. 

there were quite few test runs today with two aircraft performing both Boeing and customer test flights on the same day.  This indicates that Boeing is trying to fast track the aircraft for delivery later this month (perhaps next week).  ZA577 (for ILFC/Norwegian), ZA122 (ANA) and ZA383 (China Southern) all flew today with the later two doing customer flights.  ZA452 (British Airways) was to conduct a re-run of its aborted B-1 flight but the pilots apparently could not start one of the engines...not good.

I guess they'll try again tomorrow. Boeing is aiming for a significant number of deliveries, it seems, from Everett. Here are the delivereis that I think will be made over the next 2 weeks:

Japan Airlines : ZA186
ANA: ZA121, ZA122
China Southern: ZA383
Air India: ZA242
British Airways: ZA452
Norwegian/ILFC: ZA577

It is possible, if Charleston is able to, to have a couple more deliveries:

Qatar Airways: ZA467
LAN: ZA539

Totally, Boeing has the ability to deliver 12 total this month but some of this depends on what shows up during the customer flights and if Charleston will able to start to deliver aircraft.  Through all the 787 activity of the past few weeks, very little has come out of Charleston.  Indeed, of the 9 787s that are complete (including one that is in Ft. Worth being painted) none of these airplanes have had a customer flight in preparation for delivery.  The silence from Charleston has been deafening but it may not be entirely there fault.  They are saddled with 6 787s that are to be delivered to three problem child airlines (Air India, China Southern and Hainan Airlines).  The coming week should reveal more in terms of activity at Charleston.

Lastly, I've updated the tables with the most current information that I have available including the load dates for ZA321 (September 3) and ZB021 (August 21).  Interestingly, Boeing is increasing he number of days between airframes in 40-26.  The time between loading ZA216 for Jetstar  and ZA650 is 12 days.  The number of days between ZA650 and ZA321 is 15 days (including one day for the US Labor Day holiday).  I suspect when Boeing get the inventory down at Everett and Charleston we should see a return to the days where Boeing was loading a 787 every 5.5 days at Everett.  Don't even ask me about Charleston.

Full 787 List

Current 787 Production List

Delivered 787 List

787 Monthly Delivery Tracking

787 Customer Delivery



Ankith Singh said...

Hi, I see that the earlier airframes ZA004 and ZA005 have been very active in the last couple of days making long flights of upto 10 hours from San Bernardino Intl . Do you what is happening with them ?

Also, just a small observation, saw the Charleston 788 wake up this morning. ZA243 for Air India VT-ANO is airborne this moment making test flight.

johnv777 said...

Uresh, Any word on whether VT-ANN was delivered yesterday?

william said...

Hey anyone know why ZA452 for British Airways had to turn back on 2 two B-1 flights? I'm wondering if there is maybe a computer issue myself giving false readings? Let me know if you have any info. Would love to know thanks

johnv777 said...

Uresh, looks like you had it right on the Air India Delivery on Monday 8/19/13. (LN#90, VT-ANN) The Boeing website: shows 77 delivered as of 8/19/13

Jozef said...

Matt (‏@mattcawby) reports:

ANA 787 JA822A just moved to the Everett Delivery Center

Anonymous said...

Hey Uresh just wondering if you saw Boeing's tweet today that they have delivered the 78th Dreamliner today

Uresh said...

Yup I did

Ankith Singh said...

Hi Uresh.

Thank you for your posts and updates. I am a regular follower.

Do you happen to know anything about za004 and za005. Those birds have been in the air a lot lately

martin yukon said...

Hi Uresh,
When will their be guidance on the firing order? It looks like in about 3 months or so, we will be at LN 161

Uresh said...

Boeing doesn't release the aircraft firing order.

Christopher Kemp said...


Any idea why one of the Air India 787s returned to Ft. Worth for re-paint? Now it seems Qatar ZA 467 is returning today as well?

Uresh said...

On Air india they used the wrong paint apparently. On this I don't know. Maybe the same issue or maybe temporarily relocated it until space clears up on the flightline.

1coolguy1 said...

Boeing could practically make their year if AI, China Southern and Hainan take their planes.
Good news China Southern accepted one this week - there are 2 more for them in flight testing.

Does anyone know whether Hainan's and AI's issues are about financing?

Maybe lack of trained pilots?

mrumprecht said...

new 787 order from chinese airline

lufthansa condidering 787, 777x for wide body order mid September.

larmeyers said...

Uresh, do you hear anything about the status of ZB001 and how close to first flight?

Uresh said...


Gianfranco said...

@1coolguy1 For Air India, yes, money is the problem... :)

(article from 1 week ago...)