Wednesday, September 4, 2013

787 firing updated

The 787 firing order was updated to reflect 787 production up to and including L/N 180.  The customers aren't all that surprising but it does include the first 787-9 for Air New Zealand (ZB003, L/N 169) as well as three more 787-8s for Ethiopian.  Ethiopian is leaving open the possibility of increasing their 787-8 fleet after the final 787s are delivered in 2014.

Here's a rundown of L/N 162 to L/N 180:

ANA - 1
Air Canada - 2
Air India - 1
Air New Zealand - 1
British Airways - 2
China Southern - 1
Ethiopian - 3
Hainan - 1
ILFC/Aeromexico - 1
ILFC/Norwegian - 1
Jetstar (QANTAS) - 2
Norwegian - 1
Qatar Airways - 1
Royal Brunei - 1

With Boeing planning to increasing the assembly at aircraft 158 (ZA244, L/N 159, VT-ANP) by the end of the year.  This firing order should show aircraft that start final assembly through the end of February, 2014.

Boeing continues to prepare ZB001 (LN 126, N789EX) for first flight.  This should take place within the next 10 days.  The static pressure cone has been attached according to Matt Cawby.  Boeing has sent ZB002 (LN 133, N789FT) to get painted then will return to the assembly line where it will have more flight test equipment installed.  ZB021 (LN 139, N789ZB) is well into final assembly.  The first 2 aircraft will go to Air New Zealand after being refurbished though the final destination of the GE powered ZB021 is unknown.  It is rumored that the Mexican Air Force will get this aircraft to transport that country's leader and other government officials.

Lastly, Boeing still has to resume production flight testing though some flights have occurred for Charleston built 787s. Stay tuned for this month's flight tests to start within a day or two.

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tommy said...
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tommy said...

Does't Ethiopian have a total of 10 on order, thus 2 more that haven't yet shown up in the firing order? (plus the 8 more pending that we started hearing rumors a couple days ago?

agincourt said...

Looks as if AMX8583 was diverted into JFK from CDG for just over three hours. Now back in the air en route Mexico City. Wonder what happened? Can't find any report on it.

TurtleLuv said...

Old line 21, on its first revenue flight (three years in the making)

matt said...

Surprised to see Everett only getting 3-4 planes between Charleston slots. With the acknowledgement that Charleston won't exceed a 1.5/month rate, this seems to suggest an overall production rate somewhere south of 7/month through line 180.

Have you heard any backtracking from the 10/month by year end commitment from your sources?

Uresh said...


petera380 said...

In your list you have 1 for Norwegian and one for ILFC/Norwegian, what is the difference? Both have EI- reg.

Uresh said...

ILFC owns one, Norwegian owns the other.

TurtleLuv said...

United's N26902 has been stuck in shanghai for 10 days. Anyone know the scoop?

johnv777 said...

TurtleLuv, Not sure how reliable this is, but FlightRadar 24 recorded the following flight:
9/4/13, UA6869, N26902. THe text shows the flight going MCO to MCO, however the playback show departing Shanghai to Tokyo Narita. I can only speculate that it received a temp repair in PVG, then flew to NRT for additional repairs.

dcchipper said...

Uresh, what is the status of LN17? The chart shows that it is in the EMC but it is still listed as Storage/Change Incorporation and Re-Work

Uresh said...

No change.

graeme77 said...

Hi Uresh
Just curious - why do you show three slots at Charlston all at position 0, rather than the usual one. Are parts arriving now for the next three aircraft simultaneously? If so, do you know why?

Uresh said...

There are parts for those airplanes in the building.

johnv777 said...

Update on UA N26902 LN50, ZA286 that has been Out of services for almost two weeks.
Per FlightRadar24, it flew from NRT to ORD as UA6874 on 9/7/13, then from ORD to IAH on 9/8/13 as UA6850. It would be interesting to know why it was out of service for so long, and why it came home to Houston via Chicago.

Ankith Singh said...

What is the long term plan for ZA004 and ZA005. Does anyone know ? They have been fliting on Boeing test flights a lot lately.

Uresh said...

Eventually they'll be refurbished and sold to customers at a steep discount.

agincourt said...

First China Southern - Guangzhou to London Heathrow in the air tonight 1942 PDT

Johanny said...

BA's BJD/ZA453 did a shortened first flight today but seemingly someone was a bit dyslexic!

Uresh said...

Not sure if ZA453 actually made a B-1. The aircraft didn't fly a B-1 profile. I'm trying to confirm.

Johanny said...

Saw it on the webcam landing just before LAN/CC-BBD/ZA540. It was late so probably didn't have enough time to get to MWH and back with a full B1 profile.

Uresh said...

It did fly a full B-1 profile

Fedupjohn said...


It looks like LN20 finally got sprung from the EMC. As per Matt: "JAL 787 JA821J was moved to the fuel dock this afternoon."



johnv777 said...

Congratulations to Boeing. Yesterday's B1 flight of LN 118, ZA540 for LAN was the 100th B787 to take to the air.

Randy Austin said...

Looking at the FlightAware date BAB ZA453 didn't complete the entire B-1 profile--low altitude checks were not accomplished.