Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boeing delivers 75th 787 to Air India

According to Matt Cawby, a local Everett photographer, ZA242 (LN 90, VT-ANN) is at the Everett Delivery Center.  This indicates that this particular aircraft has been delivered by Boeing.  I expect that the aircraft will fly away to India later tonight or tomorrow.  Boeing has now delivered 75 787s since deliveries began almost 2 years ago. This delivery is Air India's 8th 787 and should allow them to start the planned Australia routes.

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Andrew Boydston said...

Sounds like Air India had a good week at the office with Steve Correl. Boeing was ready to deliver this unit for Air India's obligatory 30 days and now timeliness is Air India's new montra. :)

Jozef said...

It appears that LN106/ZA320 was delivered

Andrew Munsell said...

That is great. Finally getting some deliveries picking up.

william said...

If only the Chinese airlines would pick up there pace boeing would be in business. I really still think boeing should just sell them to other airlines untill they are ready for there planes.

Paul Clark said...

News today that China Southern is bringing forward its 5 times weekly LHR service perhaps suggests that further deliveries to that carrier are now imminent.

Andrew Boydston said...

China Southern may not have pilots/crews trained or available to fly home the aircraft and Boeing has put them in a holding pattern until further notice. If they Fly To LHR (X5) it will be with a big send-off publication at it will mark a new era for China Aviation