Thursday, August 15, 2013

Breaking: Boeing plans 7 to 10 787 rate break at aircraft number 158

As summer is pushing into fall, the pressure for Boeing to make good on their promise to produce the 787 at 10/month is growing.

It is being revealed, exclusively on this blog, that Boeing plans to break rate to 10/month starting with L/N 158 (ZA244, VT-ANP) a 787 for Air India that will be built in Charleston.  I expect this aircraft to be loaded sometime around November or December and should roll out around January with delivery around February or March (it's Air India after all).  Currently the production rate is less than 7/month and flightlines at both Everett and Charleston are crowded.  Until more deliveries are made, I don't see 787 production rates at Everett going above 5 to 6 per month.

In other news, ZB001 (LN 126, N789EX) and ZA445 (LN 128) switched positions with the later going to40-24 and the former in 40-26.  It seems that the installation of the flight test equipment on ZB001 is complete and it could be getting its tanks washed out.  This aircraft can be rolled to the flightline soon (only if a stall opens up).  ZA445 for Royal Brunei is probably having the last of its interiors fitted and should be rolled out within the next few days as there is a schedule line move in 40-26 on August 19th when ZA650 (LN 136, EI-LNC) for Norwegian is loaded to start final assembly.

Thus far through mid August Boeing has delivered only 1 787 to Qatar Airways.  There has been a number of customer flights on undelivered 787s at Everett but interestingly of the 7 Dreamliners at Charleston that have flown, none of the flights that have been undertaken are customers flights in preparation for delivery as of yet.  5 of the 7 are aircraft for Chinese and Indian carriers with another aircraft for China Southern still waiting to conduct its first flight.  Aeromexico should take delivery by tomorrow but timing of further deliveries is uncertain.

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Michael Hope said...

Question LN137 ZA237 has the same ZA number as LN46 ZA237, which has the correct ZA number?

Uresh said...


Anonymous said...

Here we go again,media going to town on the wiring issue

Andrew Boydston said...

The things Boeing Controls has its airplanes circling the Production Test Status indefinitely until its customers can confirm money is arranged and approaching the bank vault. I would expect a flurry of changes after the August 20th to the greened "Ready For Delivery" status as airlines have end of month financials ready for purchase. The ready for Purchase status is driving the flight line, not the test flight schedule. The bottleneck is customer driven not Boeing tweaking of aircraft. However, You have a better understanding than I over such matters. I am just adding my 2 cents worth of opinion.