Thursday, August 1, 2013

Boeing delivers 7 Dreamliners in July

As July drew to a close Boeing was trying to get out the last few 787s into customer's hands as fast as it could.  Boeing delivered 7 787s in July and it narrowly missed delivering an 8th to Air India but was delayed when an electrical power panel had issues and needed to be replaced.

Still Boeing 787 deliveries was able to keep pace with production output during July since Boeing resumed production in Everett in late June after temporarily halting production to re-configure the final assembly floor in 40-26.

I am expecting a lager delivery number in August mainly due to a large number of 787s that are in both pre-flight as well as those that are undergoing production flight tests.  As of August 1, 2013 there are 29 787s (not including the lone 787-9) that are listed as in pre-flight, production testing, or ready of delivery. There are 16 aircraft in pre-flight, 11 that are undergoing production (flight tests) testing and 2 that are ready for delivery.  I do think that Boeing can see a significant delivery month with 787s being delivered as follows:

ANA : 2
TUI Travel : 1
Qatar Airways : 2
Aeromexico (ILFC) : 1
Norwegian (ILFC) : 1
LAN : 2
British Airways : 1
JAL : 1
Air India : 2

This is a total of 13.  If you noticed I did not include (again) any potential deliveries to the Chinese airlines as they have become notoriously unreliable, along with Air India, for not taking delivery of aircraft that are obviously ready.  China Southern Airlines along with Air India, and Hainan Airlines account for 14 of the 29 aircraft that have completed final assembly and are awaiting delivery.

However, there seems to be movement at Everett and Charleston that would indicate that the log jam of deliveries to India and China might be finally loosened.  Boeing has conducted several test flights of 787s destined for Air India and China Southern.  Boeing also has moved aircraft to the active flightline at Everett for Hainan and China Southern..  It seems that Boeing might be preparing to deliver some of these aircraft to China and India though I still am skeptical.  If there indeed a breakthrough then deliveries of 787s has the potential of going as high as 15 to 20. Boeing has been very aggressive with the production flight test program as of late and it is conceivable that August, usually a slow month of the year, can be a big delivery month for the 787.

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greg said...

Raw numbers according to Boeing:

As of August 1, 2013

13 Airline Customers
73 Airplanes Delivered
28,055 Flights

Cedarglen said...

Ah yes. India and China again. They must be a real thorn in Boeing's side. One has to wonder about the underlying cause(s) of these late and non-deliveries. In India's case, it seems to be economic policy and a genuine lack of had cash. China does not (or should not) really have that problem, so what is it? Are they just trying to be difficult? Obviously at several hundred million the each, Boeing holds the goods until the money is paid. If Boeing finally agrees to discount a few airplanes, I'd best it will NOT be for these poorly behaved customers, but to speed up delivery for good accounts have have the money. Change a few logos and some paint becomes a win-win. Just how tolerant are they?

Anonymous said...

What is the status of LN79? You have is in Pre-Flight, but your comments say no engines and paint.

1coolguy1 said...

As to AI and the Chinese, once built it's difficult to move them to another airline, given each airlines specific requirements already built in.
I wonder if they are dragging their feet until compensation from the delivery delays has been agreed to?
In the meantime each company is wasting a lot of money in additional fuel costs running the older gen planes they are. it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Coleman76 said...

G-TUIB for Thompson doing circles in the Gulf of Mexico.