Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Boeing South Carolina head Jack Jones announces retirement.

The head of Boeing's North Charleston' plant, Jack Jones announced his retirement to the Boeing South Carolina employees in an email message.  In it he intends to leave the company in May and will be on hand during the next few months to transition his responsibilities to incoming BSC head Beverly Wyse.  Currently Beverly Wyse is VP and general manager of Boeing 737 program and was previously the VP and general manger of the 767 program at Boeing.

Here is Beverly Wyse's bio from Boeing:

Beverly Wyse was named vice president and general manager of the 737
program in January 2010. In this position she is responsible for the design,
development, certification, production and delivery of the Boeing Next-Generation 737
airplane family. Wyse also is responsible for maintaining customer relationships and for
the safety and security of employees at the Renton, Wash., plant as well as its property
and equipment. 
Before this assignment, Wyse was vice president and general manager of the
767 program for more than three years. Wyse was responsible for all aspects of the 767
program as well as the Boeing Commercial Airplanes role in the competition for the U.S.
Air Force KC-X tanker program. 
Wyse previously was director of Strategy and Business Development for
Connexion by Boeing. In that assignment, she was responsible for coordinating the
development of the company’s business strategy and for identifying and pursuing new
market segments to expand the reach of the Connexion system. 
Wyse joined Connexion in August 2002 as director of Aircraft Deployment and
Installation, where she led a team responsible for the design and certification of the
Connexion service for installation aboard aircraft. 
Before joining Connexion, Wyse was director of program management for
the 757 program. She was responsible for all aspects of business operations and
program and project management. Before that, she served as a senior manager for
the Boeing twin-aisle airplane program management office. Wyse was responsible
for identifying which interior features would be offered to airline customers, for
delivery of interior systems and for project management of all new product
Wyse has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree
in business administration, both from the University of Washington in Seattle. She
graduated from the Boeing Executive Development Program in 2000.
Here is Jack Jones' email to the Boeing South Carolina employees:

Goodbye and Thank You
Today Pat Shanahan announced some leadership changes at the BCA Airplane Programs level. One of those included my decision to retire in May of this year.
 This was a bittersweet decision for me. I’m overjoyed to be able to spend more time with my wife, Karen, who retired from Boeing just last year, and do the things that we’ve talked many years of being able to do when we hit this stage in our lives. The other part of me is saddened to be leaving such an incredibly well-respected, successful corporation – one that has offered me amazing career opportunities in an industry that has been a passion of mine since early adulthood. 
 Throughout my 35-year career I have had the privilege of working on some of Boeing’s most iconic and challenging programs. The Boeing South Carolina assignment certainly qualifies as one of those programs, and has been one of the more challenging assignments I’ve had. However, thanks to you and this remarkable Boeing South Carolina team, and our unprecedented accomplishments in a relatively short period of time, I will leave with this being my most rewarding and satisfying assignment.
 Since my first day here in 2011, I’ve seen many positive changes, not only in production, quality and efficiencies, but in our teammates. Everyone at BSC is learning and growing, and doing remarkable things – turning dreams into reality at a site that just over five short years ago was two small suppliers surrounded by a lot of open land. Now look at BSC today! It’s truly amazing and each and every one of you is to thank for that.
Retirement was a hard decision for me, especially at a time when BSC is operating at an all-time high, firing on all cylinders, and proving to our early skeptics that we are truly Boeing Strong.  However my decision was certainly made easier knowing I was leaving it in the hands of a team I know well, and will never stop making this site the world class facility it is or ever retreat when faced with adversity. In other words … You Guys Rock!
 I know that you’ll continue to provide the same world-class support and attitudes to Beverly as she transitions to BSC’s new site leader over the coming months. I’ll be working closely with Bev from now until May and I have no doubt that with her long and successful history with our company and our products, combined with your talent, professionalism, and dedication, BSC’s future remains extremely bright and is in very capable hands.
 Again, thank you for this remarkable experience. I’ll be making rounds across the site with Bev over the coming months, and hope to see many of you face-to-face and shake your hands before my official exit in May.


Anonymous said...

My overall impression is that Beverly Wyse has run the 737 production smoothly for years. This move signals Boeing's desire to make the 787 production quicker and better.

Vab Andleigh said...

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