Thursday, January 22, 2015

American Airlines takes delivery of first 787-8 2 months late

American Airline formally too delivery of its first 787-8 today in Everett. The aircraft, ZA817 (LN 242, N800AN), will fly away for Dallas Ft. Worth tomorrow where it will be used for training before being pressed into service on AA's domestic routes initially in the 2nd quarter followed by international service later in the year. I expect that AA will take delivery of 11 more this year with the next delivery in February.

ZA817 was supposed to be delivered in November, 2014 but issues with seats took longer than expected due to issues with the seat manufacturer.

Even now AA 787s pulled out of final assembly spend some time at the Everett Modification Center (EMC) before heading to the flightline to continue the normal pre-delivery flow.

It is hoped that the seat issue will start to get resolved before it has a detrimental effect on future 787-8 deliveries to American Air.


johnv777 said...

Yesterday's B1 (Aeromexico LN264 ZA784) was the 250th Dreamliner to take to the skys.

Anonymous said...

Not news about 787 itself, but about its big brother, 747-8:

TravelingMan said...

Interesting article about lith ion batteries and a possible advance in safety: