Monday, January 19, 2015

787 Mid month report - January, 2015

Mid way through the 1st month of 2015, Boeing is setting it self up to deliver 10 787s. On the surface that may look like a good number especially when compared to January, 2014. However because several 787s that were supposed to be delivered late last year had been rescheduled to this month, there are expectations the deliveries in January were going to be higher than 10.  Earlier information that was received indicated 12 deliveries in January but now those deliveries were pushed to later in the first quarter.  Boeing needs to deliver a minimum of 11.5 787s per month for 2015 if it is to achieve its internal goal of delivering 138 787s.  As I had said in a previous post, I doubt that Boeing will be able to deliver 138 787s and the final number will most likely be between 125 to 130.

Thus far there are about 5 aircraft that are ready for delivery but there are also 1 more that need to conduct its B-1 flight which is a 787-9 for Virgin Atlantic and a 4 others that have yet to conduct their C-1 flights.  With 12 days left in the month it is possible for Boeing to all these aircraft tested and delivered but it will be cutting it close.  I do expect the first 787 deliveries of 2015 to start this coming week, thus again Boeing is making all its 787 deliveries in the last half of the month.

The customers that will be be receiving their first 787s include American Airlines and Scoot while AerCap (LAN) will be taking its first 787-9.

Line Number Variable Number Serial Number Registration 787 Model Customer Operator Delivery Date
240 ZB127 37112 9V-OJA 787-9 Scoot Pte Ltd Scoot Pte Ltd 1/23/2015
241 ZA817 40618 N800AN 787-8 American Airlines American Airlines 1/22/2015
250 ZA248 36291 VT-ANT 787-8 Air India Air India 1/30/2015
252 ZA198 34853 JA839J 787-8 Japan Airlines Japan Airlines 1/22/2015
254 ZA616 35263 C-GHQQ 787-8 Air Canada Air Canada 1/30/2015
256 ZB029 37968 G-VOOH 787-9 Virgin Atlantic Airways Virgin Atlantic Airways 1/30/2015
257 ZA222 36235 VH-VKI 787-8 QANTAS Jetstar 1/26/2015
258 ZA846 36111 ET-ASG 787-8 AerCap Ethiopian Airlines 1/30/2015
259 ZB224 35317 CC-BGA 787-9 AerCap LAN 1/30/2015
260 ZA323 36426 G-TUIG 787-8 TUI Travel Thomson 1/29/2015

In terms of production Boeing is well situated to roll out 10 787s (7 from Everett and 3 form North Charleston).  They are also starting final assembly on 10 787s this month with the same number as roll outs from each final assembly locations.

Interestingly, Boeing is looking to deliver 3 787-9 this month as well as roll out 3 and start final assembly of 3 787-9s this month.  I'll keep an eye on this but it does seem that for now, Boeing is going to keep the rate on the 787-9 at 3/month

787 Full Production Table


Andrew Boydston said...

It is easy to see Boeing will gradually front load the back of the month by March, where it will deliver during the first two weeks of each month and tests aircraft for delivery during the last two weeks for next months delivery. What it can't control is customer readiness for pick-up and it may add more aircraft into the aircraft slack awaiting customers for that customer inconsistency. Either way, all is caught up by years end. Boeing will average one more delivery a month over 2014's pacing.

Richard Parker said...

Recently I read here ,Spanish airline Air Europa has finalised a $3.6bn order with Boeing to purchase 14 wide-body 787-9 Dreamliners.With the latest order, Air Europa has a total of 22 787-8s and 787-9s on order, which will help it transition to an all-Boeing long-haul fleet.

larmeyers said...

It looks like Charleston has completed final assembly of it's first -9 in normal time, about 59 days... I guess the most important date is B1, but it seems promising. Uresh has there been any word on how that went?

Anonymous said...

L/N 291 and L/N 300 will not be for TUI Travel PLC TUIFly Nordic as mentioned in the tables, but will go to TUI Travel PLC Thomson.

Uresh said...

Incorrect, multiple sources have told me that LN 291 and LN 300 are going to Nordic.