Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paris Air Show 2013 - Day 3 Airbus and Boeing Order Summary

Here's the round up of orders for Boeing and Airbus during the first 3 days of the air show:


GECAS - 10 x 787-10 (MoU)
Skymark Airlines - unknown number of 737 MAX (MoU)
Qatar Airways - 2 x 777-300ER (7 options) (Firm Order)
United Airlines - 20 x 787-10 (10 conversions from 787-9, 10 new order) (MoU)
British Airways - 12 x 787-10 (MoU)
Singapore Airlines - 30 x 787-10 (Exercise of existing options needed to be confirmed)
ALC - 30 x 787-10, 3 x 787-9 (MoU)
Korean Airlines - 5 x 747-8I, 6 x 777-300ER (MoU)
CIT - 30 x 737 MAX8 (10 new orders, 20 conversions, Firm)
Oman Air - 5 x 737-900ER (Firm)
Travel Service - 3 x 737 MAX8 (MoU)
Ryanair - 175 x 737-800 (Firm)

Totals by model:
737-800 - 175 (Firm)
737-900ER - 5 (Firm)
737 MAX8 - 10 (Firm), 20 conversions (Firm), 3 (MoU)
747-8I - 5 MoU
777-300ER - 2 firm, 6 MoU, 7 Options
787-9 - 3 MoU
787-10 - 92 MoU (does not count the 10 conversion from 787-9)


Doric Leasing - 20 x A380-800 (MoU)
ILFC - 50 x A320 NEO (Firm)
Lufthansa - 70 x A320 NEO (Firm), 30 x A320 CEO (Firm)
Syphax - 3 x A320 NEO, 3 x A320 CEO (MoU)
easyJet - 35 x A320 CEO; 100 x A320 NEO (MoU)
Air France - 25 x A350-900 (Firm)
Sri Lankan - 6 x A330-300, 4 x A350-900 (MoU)

Totals by model:
A320 CEO - 30 Firm, 38 MoU
A320 NEO - 120 Firm, 103 MoU
A380 - 20 MoU
A350-900 - 25 (Firm), 4 (MoU)
A330-300 - 6 (MoU)


johnv777 said...

Uresh, Not sure if you noticed it, but a Boeing press release today lists the United and Singapore orders for B787-10s as FIRM

Uresh said...

Yes I know, thanks

ianh said...


The tables are not showing up on the site.


Uresh said...

Yes they are.

Fedupjohn said...

I'm in Google Chrome and none of the tables are showing.


Ziggy said...

I'm using Chrome and they are showing up for me.

Anonymous said...

I saw you got some heat at

Never question anything about Airbus, that site is just infested with fanboys sadly, I seldom go there because of that.

Uresh said...

Yeah, I'll post whatever I want and if someone wants to rip me let 'em, I don't care and I don't bother reading them.

kschendel said...

Not seeing the tables in either safari or firefox ...

Uresh said...

For those who can't view the tables. I don't know what the issue is but I do suggest you use either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. I don't know what the issue with Firefox but I do recommend you use IE or Chrome.

Andrew Munsell said...

I think people are not scrolling down as their are no tables with this update but they are with the previous one.

Andrew Munsell said...

Today Matt Cawby on his blog has said that there will be a delivery ceremony for Norwegian Air Shuttle (ILFC) on Thursday the 27th.

John N Mitchell said...

Tables are working fine here on Windows 8 Pro, using Firefox 21.0, Chrome 27.0.1453.116 m and Internet Explorer 10.0.6

John N Mitchell said...

Tables function perfectly here on Windows 8 Pro with browsers:
Firefox 21.0
Chrome 27.0.1453.116 m
Internet Explorer 10.0.6

Firefox and IE are a bit slow on loading the tables. Chrome is noticeably faster.

Anonymous said...

Maybe clearing the cookies could help? Some old session that just bugs it up? I have had some problems with this but clearing any browser history and cookies fixed it. It can aslo be some security bug? I had problems with adblocker once.