Saturday, June 1, 2013

787 program ends May on a high note

During the month of May 2013, Boeing had solidly left the lithium ion battery issues behind as the 50 787s delivered prior to the grounding received the new batteries and containment system and returned to revenue service.  May also so Boeing deliver 7 Dreamliners to 5 customers including 2 customers who received their first 787s (TUI - Thomson Airways and China Southern Airlines).

787 deliveries went to:

ANA (2)
China Southern Airlines (1)
Japan Airlines (1)
LOT Polish Airlines (1)
TUI Travel (2)

LOT's 3rd 787 on final into New York's JFK while over Long Island, June 1, 2013
The 7 deliveries was a solid performance for Boeing who kept the production going despite the uncertainty of when the aircraft would be allowed to return to service.  During this time Boeing also continued with ground tests of the 787 in preparation for production flight testing and delivery.  The deliveries capped off a feverish race to return the 50 787s already delivered to revenue service which Boeing had completed early last week.  The last two carriers, Japan Airlines and LOT Polish returned to revenue service today with LOT inaugurating it Warsaw-JFK service on the 787 (see picture above of the first 787 to land at JFK).
In addition to the return to service and the delivery accomplishments during May, Boeing also started final assembly on the first 787-9 on May 30th.  This is yet as unconfirmed by Boeing but sources have told me that this is the planned load date into position 1 for this aircraft.  It is being assembled in building 40-24.
I am expecting deliveries for June to be higher than May with at least 14 if not more 787s being delivered to customers.  Here's my prediction for June:
Aeromexico (ILFC)* - 1
Air India - 1
ANA - 2
British Airways* - 2
China Southern - 1
Hainan Airlines* - 2
LOT Polish - 1
Japan Airlines - 1
Norwegian (ILFC)* - 1
Qatar Airways - 1
Thomson Airways - 1
Many of the airplanes that would be slated for delivery in June already have had their B-1 flight or more. 4 customers will be receiving their first 787s this month as well.



Andrew Munsell said...

Does anyone know for certain if LAN has resumed service yet? I thought they were supposed to today.

Uresh said...

Yes, they definitely resumed service

dave said...

Hi Uresh.
Great Blog by the way.
Do you or anyone know how long the individual change Incorporation Aircraft will be before ready for Pre flight Prep. and how long till the stored aircraft move into the hanger for work to begin on them.

HK Expat said...

I get to 14 as well except i replace your Aeromexico, 1 ANA and 1 British Airways with an additional JAL, an additional Qatar and an additional Air India.

Uresh said...

Maybe it'll be 17!

tommy said...

Thanks for the update. Could be a fun month! How solid do you think the LOT delivery is?

tommy said...
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william said...

I just over heard someplace that Foxnews is reporting a Japan Broadcaster is reporting a sensor failure or problem in the exchanged batteries of a Japan Airlines 787. They state that there was no risk and posed no danger to safety. Anyone have any other updates regarding this matter and does this mean there is yet another problem with the batteries. I don't think myself there is but these are new batteries and yet a problem was found.

Andrew Munsell said...

Two things.
1st the JAL issue was a Boeing mistake, 2 small vents were accidentally sealed
2nd Boeing has confirmed that the first -9 is in final assembly as of May 30th, and that Air New Zealand will take delivery of its first -9 in early 2014