Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boeing launches 787-10; Paris Air Show 2013 - Day 2 Airbus & Boeing Order Summary

Boeing Photo

After more than 5 years of will they or won't they, Boeing finally did...they launched the 787-10 after years of speculation and being at times being put on the back burner while Boeing grappled with getting the 787 program on track during the three plus years of delays.

The announcement was anti-climatic as the Boeing board gave management the authority to Offer (ATO) last year and speculation increased when British Airways exercised 18 787 options earlier this year and Singapore Airlines concluded an agreement to buy the jet last month pending formal launch of the aircraft which took place today.  The formal launch of this aircraft kicks off a 5+ year development cycle which will lead to first flight in 2017 and certification and first delivery in 2018.  It is not known to whom the first delivery will be made.

There were 5 launch customers announced today:

ALC - 30
British Airways - 12 (they exercised 18 options so I assume the other 6 are for either the 787-8, 787-9 or a mixture of both)
GECAS - 10, this is the first time that GECAS is buying the 787 despite parent GE being one of two engine suppliers.
Singapore Airlines - 30
United Airlines - 20 with 10 being a conversion of previously ordered 787-9.

Here's the round up of orders for Boeign and Airbus during the first 2 days of the air show:
Boeing GECAS - 10 x 787-10 (MoU)
Skymark Airlines - unknown number of 737 MAX (MoU)
Qatar Airways - 2 x 777-300ER (7 options) (Firm Order)
United Airlines - 20 x 787-10 (10 conversions from 787-9, 10 new order) (MoU)
British Airways - 12 x 787-10 (MoU)
Singapore Airlines - 30 x 787-10 (Exercise of existing options needed to be confirmed)
ALC - 30 x 787-10, 3 x 787-9 (MoU)
Korean Airlines - 5 x 747-8I, 6 x 777-300ER (MoU)

Totals by model:
747-8I - 5 MoU
777-300ER - 2 firm, 6 MoU, 7 Options
787-9 - 3 MoU
787-10 - 92 MoU (does not count the 10 conversion from 787-9)


Doric Leasing - 20 x A380-800 (MoU)
ILFC - 50 x A320 NEO (Firm)
Lufthansa - 70 x A320 NEO (Firm), 30 x A320 CEO (Firm)
Syphax - 3 x A320 NEO, 3 x A320 CEO (MoU)
easyJet - 35 x A320 CEO; 100 x A320 NEO (MoU)

Totals by model:
A320 CEO - 30 Firm, 38 MoU
A320 NEO - 120 Firm, 103 MoU
A380 - 20 MoU

Lastly, there should be at least 2 787s delivered this week: ZA241 (LN 72, VT-ANM) for Air India and ZA273 (LN 87, SP-LRD) for Polish LOT should be delivered this week.  I think it's possible for a couple more deliveries this week but I expect a quite a few deliveries next week to finish up June.



Will said...

United reported that they are 10 conversion for both 787-8 and 787-9 orders, number of each TBD, My guess would be more of the -8.

johnv777 said...

Uresh - BOE541 B788 is airborne. There is no ZA541 - do you know what A/C this is.

Uresh said...

Probably 451 for BA

TravelingMan said...


Nice News for the 737. Sure wish Boeing would step up the timetable for rolling out the revamped 777.

Andrew Boydston said...

I think the 777X is held up for the Dubai show and for its launch customer. It gives Boeing more time on the project, and more time to shore up orders. Boeing is not on a Paris time schedule as is Airbus. It tries to comply with customer wants more than company ego found with John Leahy. at Airbus.

Piotrek_ said...

3 ANA's NTU early frames in EMC.