Monday, June 17, 2013

Paris Air Show 2013 - Day 1 Airbus & Boeing Order Summary

The 1st day of the Paris Air Show has wrapped up and there were a few surprise orders, most notably from GECAS for the 787-10.  The leasing unit of General Electric has not placed an order for the 787 since the program was launched in 2004 despite the parent company manufacturing engines for the aircraft.

GECAS took up 10 787-10 which are to be finalized once Boeing launches the aircraft which is anticipated to be tomorrow.  Unsurprisingly, these aircraft will be powered by the GE GEnx-1Bs.

The other surprising order was from Doric Leasing for 20 A380s.

I do expect that Boeing, with the launch of the 787-10, will hit the 1000 787 order mark quite soon. It will depend on how long it will take to finalize the MoUs and some may already finalized and just needs Boeing's formal launch to finalize the contract.  Boeing has firm orders for 890 787s and just need another 110 more which I believe they can easily reach with the launch of the -10.

Here's a run down of today's order activity:


GECAS - 10 x 787-10 (MoU)
Skymark Airlines - unknown number of 737 MAX (MoU)
Qatar Airways - 2 x 777-300ER (7 options) (Firm Order)


Doric Leasing - 20 x A380-800 (MoU)
ILFC - 50 x A320 NEO (Firm)
Lufthansa - 100 x A320 NEO (Firm)


David Cummings said...

whats happened to your spreadsheets?

Uresh said...

They're still there

TravelingMan said...

Seems like Airbus has been getting the bulk of the orders at the last couple of Paris air shows.

Unknown said...

to TravelingMan - Boeing has publicly conceded that it does not try to save up big order announcements for the big European airshows. If I'm not mistaken, the net values of both companies' order backlogs are not terribly far apart.

- Rene

Frankies Filmecke said...

I'm using Firefox and the spreadsheets are not visible.

Frankies Filmecke said...

I'm using Firefox and the spreadsheets are not visible.

Uresh said...

Use Google Chrome

johnv777 said...

Firefox works fine. Try scrolling down to an earlier blog

Anonymous said...

It seems as if the pace of post production 787 flight testing at Everett has virtually halted over the last several days. Could they be slowing down to focus on preparation for the 787-9? What is your take?

Mike Bohnet

Andrew Munsell said...

Hey everyone, 102 -10's ordered so far. This brings the 787 order total up to 992.

Uresh does that count include the ones ordered by Boeing as tests?

Uresh said...

No those will only count the aircraft actually ordered by (and will be delivered to) customers. the actual numbers will be 985 (92 787-10 and 3 787-9). There are 10 conversions so the net 787 orders is actually 95 not 105.

agincourt said...

UA139 787 Denver to Narita diverted today to Seattle and onward flight cancelled, Cannot find an explanation at the moment. Got as far as just North of Vancouver Island before turning back.

agincourt said...

Just found this

David Cummings said...

Do we know which one this is?