Tuesday, June 11, 2013

787 Odds and Ends

As we get closer to the Paris Airshow due to start next Monday, here is a rundown on some news as of late.  Nothing earth shattering or unexpected.

Paris 2013

This show should shape up to be the battle of the widebodies with the A350 vs. the 787 and 777X.  There will be some notable orders but I think this is where Boeing will announce the formal launch of the 787-10 with Singapore Airline's order for 30 aircraft.  The carrier already has selected the engine for their 30 -10s (Trent 1000-TEN), something they wouldn't be doing if launch wasn't imminent.  I also believe that the launch will not only include announcement of the Singapore order but will also announce the order from IAG (British Airways) for 18 -10s.  This is the exercise of the 18 options the carrier held but the 787 model wasn't announced when IAG announced the exercise of the options.  I think that announcement will be made at Paris. There may be other 787-10 order announcement made at Paris.  I don't think Boeing will announce the launch of the 777X at Paris but will heavily talk it up behind the scenes with customers.  Look for the launch announcement on Tuesday, June 18th.

Meanwhile ZA242 (LN 90, VT-ANN) is currently flying to Le Bourget where it will fly demonstrations during the first 3 or 4 days of the show.  ZA465 (LN 99, A7-BCD) will join ZA242 later (probably on Saturday or Sunday) but will be on static display through out the airshow.

787 Production

Production has been continuing and I do believe that ZB001 has moved on to the next line position in 40-24 and should remain there for the next 10-12 days while assembly and testing continue on this aircraft.  I continue to believe that this aircraft should be out on  the flightline in the 3rd or 4th week of July and possibly flying by early to mid September.

787 Flight Testing and Delivery

Production flight testing continues as Boeing is trying to be aggressive in delivering the large backlog of 787s that are sitting on the Everett and Charleston tarmacs.  Interestingly Boeing delivered 7 787s last month but none from Charleston.  I do expect that 3 to 4 787s should be delivered from Charleston this month.  Currently I have 5 787s listed as ready for delivery along with another 10 that have started production flight tests.  I expect at least 2 to 3 787s will have their B-1 flights in the next week in order to be delivered by the end of this month.

Finally a blog note.  I've added a 5th table below which shows the 78s that are currently in production (see 787 Current Production).  I does not show 787s that have been delivered or ones that will not be delivered (like the first 3 test flight aircraft).  Hopefully this will aid in understanding what is going on at Everett and Charleston.


Bernie said...

Thanks for the update... I have been waiting for any update (you must've had a break :) ) about VH-VKA Jetstar/QANTAS as to when it is coming out of the production line! :) Any ideas yet as to when this may happen?



TurtleLuv said...


in the back there, that's the first 787-9 right?

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused about what frames are in 40-24. Matt Cawby recently posted 3 photos on his blog for June 10 that show 3 frames in 40-24. The first 787-9 oriented straight on, still in the body join tooling, and 2 Aeromexico frames! One Aeromexico frame is oriented straight on, right in front of the 787-9 and can be identified by the logo on the tail. It is not in any body join tooling and has engines hung. The other Aeromexico frame is sitting at an angle in front of its younger brother and can be identified by the banner on the upper fuselage behind the front door. It is also has engines hung.

Could the latest Aeromexico frame to enter the FAL have leapfrogged the 787-9 in 40-24?

Anonymous said...

Darn, I meant to say June 11.

David Cummings said...

Theres an ana bird with an engine failing to start anyone know which one it is?

air said...

HU will take their delivery around 25th of this month in CHS

David Cummings said...

the ANA is JA816A

Jozef said...

G-TUIC soon on its way to MAN http://uk.flightaware.com/live/flight/TOM9577

Piotrek_ said...

Uresh, are you sure about LN21 JA823J? Back inside EMC after repaint?

Uresh said...


Piotrek_ said...

Some changes in EMC:

VT-ANA is now inside, together with B&C
LN36 ZA381 B-2726 outside, with engines attached, looks completed.