Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Three paint hangars, three 787s

I got some more information last night and while I added it to my previous post I've also decided to start a new post as I see this as significant.  Everett has three paint hangars and by tonight those three paint hangars will be filled with 787s that will be delivered by the end of July.  They are:
45-01 - ZA118 (LN 67) this will be in there tonight
45-03 - ZA100 (LN 7) first 787 to enter production
45-04 - ZA461 (LN 58) first 787 for Qatar Airways

In my mind ZA100 is a milestone.  This 787 entered final assembly about 3 years ago but has mostly sat in storage after being rolled out in the fall of 2009 waiting for change incorporation after flight testing was completed.  Because it was the first to enter assembly it had the most work that needed to be done though most of the last three years it was sitting in storage.

There is a line move tonight with ZA118 leaving position 4 in 40-26 and going straight to the paint hangar.  Over the next week we should see these three 787s emerging from the paint hangar and go directly to the flightline for preflight testing and work.  With the exception of ZA461, these plans should deliver in July.


Anonymous said...

Uresh! Thanks for the solid updates. Keepin' coming!

Emily said...

Thanks for the updates! Any idea when we might see a delivery this month?