Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012 - Busy day for 787 program

There was a lot going on today with the 787 program.  First, Qatar first 787, ZA461 (LN 58, A7-BCB) made an appearance on the flightline fully painted.  Matt Cawby got a very nice picture of it. This aircraft was parked in stall 107 which had been occupied by ZA236 (LN 35, VT-ANH) for Air India.  This air frame was moved to the Fuel Dock until spot opens up when one of the ANA 787s fly away in the next two days.  Speaking of ANA 787s, they're been newsworthy.  First it was revealed to Reuters that the dimmable windows are not dark enough.  Why they're raising this question now instead of when PPG was developing them for the 787 is not known.  Apparently the shades are letting in enough light so that the customers can't sleep.  I don't know if there is a remedy to ANA's concerns but the aircraft nonetheless is performing extremely well in passenger service.  Japan Airlines has not complained about the windows and they're flying the aircraft on several long haul routes. However the issue will not slow down deliveries of the aircraft to ANA.  Today ZA508 (LN 51, JA811A) took its B-1 flight in preparation to being delivered. I expect that this airplane should deliver next month.  Finally it is still expected that ANA will take delivery of ZA506 (LN 47, JA809A) today though I am awaiting confirmation of this.


greg said...

The window should have the option of being rendered completely opaque, preferably in the same color as the surrounding wall.

HK Expat said...

looks like no Air India deliveries this month...
Indian Cabinet will only meet on Jun 28 as PM is in Mexico for the G-20.

So looks like 3 deliveries in June

and potentially 9 in July (one is entitled to dream!)
ANA-66 (maybe)
ANA-67 (maybe)
ETH-44 (ok this one is a long shot but flights are loaded in the system...)

Anonymous said...

9 will be a stretch, 6 or 7 might be doable. AI have to get their sh*t in order soon. LN66 or 67 could be ready by the end of july, I dont think both will be.

ANA will take quite the number of frames the nearest months, 4 reworked and 2 fresh builds before end of august. Bringing their 787 fleet to 13 airframes.

Qatar might get their frame after the air show, I wonder how much work that has to be done to make it deliverable. After august many more aillines will start to get 787s, ET, LAN, UA to name a few. No more Japanese exclusive.

Joostdg said...

Hey Uresh,

Thanks for the updates! Great work as always! I see that you updated the status of ZA506 and ZA507 to deliverd. I haven't seen them fly away yet though. Any news on that?


Uresh said...

46 flew to Japan last night, 47 will fly there tonight

HK Expat said...

According to Matt's photos, looks like JAL-27 came out of EMC with engines on and back on the flightline. Painting next???
Maybe July delivery...

Uresh said...

I don't think it's LN 27, trying to find out.

Michael Lowrey said...

Certainly not LN 27, as that's in JAL's old colors. Rather the unpainted aircraft that was towed from the EMC to the flightline is likely LN 49 for Ethiopian Airlines. LN 49 is one of six aircraft Uresh listed in the EMC middle of last month — the others were three for ANA (LN 7, 51, 56) and one for Qatar (LN 58) on which work has been completed and LN 27 for JAL.

Uresh said...

It could be LN 64 as well for Qatar as it probably didn't need so much re-work. The work could have taken place outside. As I said, I'm looking into it.

Peter said...

46 flew to Japan last night, 47 will fly there tonight

June 22, 2012 5:05 AM

This is your comment, BUT 46 is an Air India aircraft???

Uresh said...

Sorry, 47 flew there last night and48 will fly to Japan tonight.