Sunday, June 17, 2012

787 Deliveries to take place soon

According to a post on a forum on, ANA should be taking delivery of 2 787s. ZA506 (LN 47, JA809A) will deliver tomorrow June 18 and ZA507 (LN48, JA810A) will deliver on June 19.  Additionally ZA509 (LN56, JA812A) will deliver on June 28th according to the post.  In terms of the Air India deliveries, that is still to be determined.  It seems that the GoI has not given the go ahead as of yet on the deal between Air India and Boeing.  If approval comes this week then I can see deliveries starting very soon thereafter.

July deliveries

The post also said that ZA100 (LN 7, JA803A) and ZA508 (LN 51, JA811A) will be delivered around July 31 and July 11 respectively and it may be possible for ZA135 (LN 66, JA813A) to be delivered during this month as well, this aircraft is still undergoing final assembly tasks on the apron.  Qatar Airways, it seems may not take delivery this month but that Boeing will conduct its first flight and then send it to Farnborough under Boeing control and ownership after which Boeing will complete all necessary pre-delivery operations prior to handing the aircraft over to Qatar Airways.  I also wouldn't be surprised to see further handover of aircraft to JAL and Air India in July.

Finally, I expect a line move late this week, around Friday the 22nd which should push out the first 787 for LAN, this is ZA536 (LN 68).


Ryo8 said...

Hi. I'm Japanese and watch your blog every day. This time I found a mistake in your newest entry, so leave a comment.

You wrote "ZA509 (LN56, JA811A) will deliver on June 28th", but I wonder the regist number of ZA509 is JA812A. Which is correct? Please reply.

Sorry poor English...

Michael Lowrey said...


Don't forget about LN 49/ZA 262 Ethiopian Airlines as a possible July delivery. Ethiopian has scheduled 787 service in August and LN 49 has been in the EMC for sometime and should be one of the next two planes out (either it or LN 27 for JAL but LN 49 requires less work).

airplanedriver1 said...

Hello, when is LN68 expected to do the first test flight?
Here in Lan they say is will be delivered by October if not later...
Seems to me the plane will be ready sooner than that.
Nice blog!

johnv777 said...

Hello Uresh,

Any word on the deliveries that were to happen yesterday and today.

Uresh said...

No word on if delivery actually took place. LN 47 is supposed to deliver yesterday for fly away today and LN 47 is supposed to deliver on Thursday with fly away on Friday. We have to look at to see if there's any movement of that airplane today to Japan.

Uresh said...

Sorry I meant to say that LN 48 is supposed to deliver on Thursday (6/21) for fly away on Friday (6/22).