Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Air India and Boeing come to an agreement

Media outlets in of India are reporting that Air India and Boeing have come to an agreement over the 787 delays.  Those reports did not specify the form of compensation though it may involve Air India paying less for each 787 as they are delivered.  The agreement has to be approved by the Government of India so that is a reason to be cautious of this agreement.  It was the Government of India that insisted on more compensation than had been previously agreed with Boeing.

If approval is given, Air India will take delivery of three 787s: ZA233 (LN 29, VT-AND), ZA236 (LN 35, VT-ANH), ZA237 (LN 46, VT-ANI) all in June.  ZA233 is already to go now and I suspect that ZA236 is not that far behind.  ZA237 is being painted and has still go through a few more Boeing test flights as well customer tests before it is delivered by the end of this month.

If the approval is given, Boeing can potentially deliver 8 787s this month.  4 787s to ANA that are on the flightline right now: ZA506 (LN 47, JA809A), ZA507 (LN 48, JA810A), ZA508 (LN 51, JA811A), ZA509 (LN 56, JA812A).  Additionally Boeing can deliver ZA461 (LN 58) to Qatar Airways this month.  This would make 8 airplanes including the three for Air India.  ZA135 (LN 66) is an unknown but should be ready for delivery if not by the end of June then certainly in early to mid July.


Joostdg said...

This article would prove you right i gues

lower price per plane

Jim said...

Frame ZY998 is still reported as 'Undergoing Fatigue Testing.' Is this true, and if so, has Boeing reported anything about it?
The long-term performance of the carbon fiber fuselage will have an enormous impact on the industry.

Uresh said...

Fatigue testing takes about 3 years to do. Boeing should be finishing up soon. I don't think they'll report anything until they've gotten all the data and analyzed it.

TurtleLuv said...

How about test aircraft 1-3? 1 and 2 are shown as retired, and 3 is doing a world tour. 4-6 I guess will eventually be sold. Any chance of 1-3 being sold? Why are 1 and 2 retired?

I'd guess test aircraft are cheaper seeing as they're used, but that Boeing could still get a lot of money for them.

The reason I ask is because I think I saw somewhere that they sold all the 777 test aircraft to customers, so I was wondering why they wouldn't do the same with the 787. I hate the idea of good aircraft going to waste.