Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another 787 pushed out, airplane 66 out the door

Boeing has pushed out ZA135 (LN 66) from build 40-26.  This is supposed to be the first airplane that goes from assembly line to flightline.  Currently it is parked on the 40-51 (building) apron west.  I don't know if it has its engines attached or not but hopefully a spotter would be able to get photos of it to determine if it engineless and buttoned up like other 787s that have to go through the change incorporation process or if the windows and doors are uncovered and the airplane has its engines hanging off the wings.  If, as expected, this airplane has its engines then it should be ready to go to paint/aqueous wash followed by ground and flight testing prior to delivery to ANA.
We have to wait and see but this information is current as of today. 

Additionally there are 3 787s in 40-24 undergoing change incorporation.  These airplanes are ZA175 (LN 20) for JAL, ZA261 (LN 44) for Ethiopian and ZA287 (LN 52) for United.

No word on upcoming deliveries in June as of yet.


787freak said...

it has engines but they are covered and the rest of the plane is still buttoned up. take a look

Michael Lowrey said...

Moonm's got it. Engines attached but taped up. Windows also taped. From where it's parked, I'd guess it's in line for some sort of work in the 40-24.

dynamicsguy said...

Aqueous wash no longer has to be done in the paint hangars. Earlier this year they installed drainage in position 4 on the FAL to allow the aqueous wash to be done there.