Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated 787 firing order - through 1st quarter 2013

First center wingbox section for ZA450 (LN 108) for British Airways
Photo Courtesy of Saj Ahmad (http://www.strategicaeroresearch.com/) and British Airways

787s for British Airways and Norwegian Air Shuttle (leased through ILFC) will begin final assembly in the 1st quarter of 2013 are the highlights of the firing order of the 1st quarter of 2013.

The customer list for LN 101 to LN 115 are: ANA, British Airways, China Southern Airlines, Japan Airlines, ILFC (Aeromexico), ILFC (Norwegian Air Shuttle), LAN, Qatar Airways, Thomson Airways.

LN 115 should enter the final assembly system by the end of March, 2013.  Here are the airlines and their allocations of 787s from this batch of 15 aircraft.

ANA (3)

ZA120 (LN 101)
ZA514 (LN 107)
ZA121 (LN 110)

British Airways (3)

ZA450 (LN 108)
ZA451 (LN 111)
ZA452 (LN 114)

China Southern Airlines (1)

ZA386 (LN 104)*

Japan Airlines (1)

ZA186 (LN 105)

ILFC/Aeromexico (1)

ZA561 (LN 115)

ILFC/Norwegian Air Shuttle (2)

ZA576 (LN 102)
ZA577 (LN 112)

LAN (1)

ZA539 (LN 113)*

Qatar Airways (2)

ZA466 (LN 103)
ZA467 (LN 109)*

TUI Travel PLC/Thomson Airways (1)

ZA320 (LN 106)

*These airplanes will be assembled in Charleston.

Again it seems that Boeing is allocating 4 787s (two for each line) to Everett and one for Charleston.  Everett is at 4 per month while Charleston is at 1 per month.  In mid 2013 the rate is to go up to 7/month though I am not sure if the two additional aircraft per month will be split evenly between Everett and Charleston.  Please see my table for complete information.


tommy said...

Great update! Awesome and unexpected to see a -9 coming down the line for LAN!

Uresh said...

OOps, typo, it's a -8 not a -9.

Andreas Mowinckel said...

The reg for the two Norwegian aircraft is LN-BKA and -BKB.

Uresh said...

Thanks, where do you source that information from?

Andreas Mowinckel said...

Norwegian CAA


What hapened to LN 96 previously listed as of ILFC/AEROMEXICO ????

Uresh said...

ZA560 was reallocated to LN 141.

Frantan Freddie said...

British Airways registrations are as follows:

38609 G-ZBJA
38610 G-ZBJB
38611 G-ZBJC
38612 G-ZBJD
38613 G-ZBJE
38614 G-ZBJF
38615 G-ZBJG
38619 G-ZBJH

Uresh said...

Thank you Freddie!


"ZA560 was reallocated to LN 141."
Aby info on why that happened?

Uresh said...

Don't know why.

Daetrin said...

It seems contradictory to see a China Southern frame added to the firing order when their birds are in storage.

Can we presume that Boeing would only add it in if they felt that the other 4 (LN34, 36, 43, and 93) will soon able to be put back to a deliverable status?

Else it would seem strange to build a plan destined for long term storage.

Brent said...

On the Paine Field Blog there is a picture of a 787 being moved from the South Ramp to the Flightline. From your information it appears that only the Chinese carrier planes are there. Do you know if there has been movement on the certification?

Uresh said...

I haven't heard anything.

Andreas Mowinckel said...

BTW -- LN-BKA is 35304 and -BKB is 35305

.. and your caption thingy sucks ...