Friday, November 23, 2012

Boeing meets low end 787 delivery target for 2012 deliveries

At the beginning of the year, Boeing laid out its 2012 787/747 target estimate at between 70 and 85 aircraft with the split at 50/50 between the two aircraft.  This meant that Boeing was planning to deliver between 35 and 42 787s this year. Through out the year Boeing maintained that target and on November 20th, Boeing delivered two 787, one each to Qatar Airways and United Airlines, which allowed them to reach 35 787s delivered in 2012, the lower end of their estimate.  This accomplishment reinforces the belief that the 787 production system has recovered and places the company in an excellent position to continue the climb to 10/month on 787 production rate. Word has it that Boeing is asking suppliers about going beyond 10/month and push output to 14/month by late in the decade (around 2018-2019).  It still in the planning phase but this is probably great news for the program overall especially since Boeing is on the verge of a full launch of the 787-10.

Boeing certainly can reach the upper end of their estimate (another 7) with the 787s that are on the flightline preparing for first flight.  ZA289 (LN 55, N45905) for United Airlines made it's first flight on November 21st and I expect ZA462 (LN 62, A7-BCK) to fly around Nov. 23rd and both should deliver next month.  Two other 787s have had engine runs according to Matt Cawby on his photo blog. Both ZA285 (LN 45) and ZA510 (LN 59, JA817A) should fly by the first week of December if not by the end of November.  That is four 787s that I expect to deliver in December in addition to ZA538 (LN 80, CC-BCC) for LAN.

Here are the potential deliveries through Dec. 31st:

ZA285 (LN 45, N26901) - United Airlines
ZA286 (LN 50, N26902) - United Airlines

ZA238 (LN 54, VT-ANJ) - Air India*
ZA289 (LN 55, N45905) - United Airlines
ZA510 (LN 59, JA817A) - ANA
ZA239 (LN 60, VT-ANK) - Air India*
ZA462 (LN 62, A7-BCK) - Qatar Airways
ZA240 (LN 65, VT-ANL) - Air India*
ZA271 (LN 78, SP-LRB) - LOT Polish Airlines**
ZA538 (LN 80, CC-BBC) - LAN Airlines
ZA464 (LN 82, A7-BCC) - Qatar Airways
ZA512 (LN 83, JA818A) - ANA
ZA183 (LN 84, JA829J) - Japan Airlines

*Dependent on Air India obtaining bridge financing to pay for the aircraft

**Supposed to have delivery flight to Poland in early January but may contractually deliver in December

Of these listed 8 I believe are highly probable deliveries  but that does not include any for Air India or the aircraft for LOT Polish Airlines. It is rumored that Air India will take delivery of a 787 by the end of November but that is all dependent on the carriers' finances.


johnv777 said...

Uresh, happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your family. Per Matt's blog, looks like LN84, ZA183, JA829J Japan Airlines in on the flightline, fully painted.

johnv777 said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your family. Per Matt's blog, It looks like LN 84 for Japan Airlines is out of FAL and on the Flightline, fully painted.

Uresh said...

Thank you John, can you provide me a link. I can't find it. Thanks.

johnv777 said...

Here it is:

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787 Modeling said...

So it looks like United & Boeing are ahead of schedule. On United's website, it says that in December they expect their 5th delivery but nothing about a 6th.

Fedupjohn said...

What a productive month for Boeing.
They pushed out 6 frames from the FAL (62,72,82,83,84,86) - 3 frames from Modification (45,52,59) and 5 Deliveries (44,50,57,61,64) and there is still a week left in the month.

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Thanks! I appreciate all the support!

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