Friday, September 21, 2012

Qatar Airways 787 delivery delayed due to IFE, internet connectivity issues

The expected delivery of Qatar Airways' first 787 is being delayed because of issues with the IFE and specifically the Internet connectivity that the airline is equipping on its 787 fleet.  They continue to test the aircraft even as far as flying it to Yuma Arizona on Sept. 20th and back.  The Qatar Airways' delivery team from Doha is in Seattle right now so there must be hope that the issues would be resolved soon.  No date has been set for delivery at this time.  In related news, Strategic Aero has an interesting article about 777X and Qatar pushing Boeing to offer the aircraft for sale.

Boeing does continue to fly several Dreamliners that are slated for delivery soon including those for United, ANA (2), JAL and Ethiopian.  These airplanes maybe delivered this week into next week and it is rumored that United pilots took out the 1st 787 for it's final customer test flight today prior to delivery.  It does seem that Boeing is making a big push to get many of the 787s out the door as possible before the end of the month (and end of quarter).  Here are the planes that I see possibly being delivered in the last 10 days of September:

Air India
ZA237 (LN 46, VT-ANI)

ZA135 (LN 66, JA815A)
ZA119 (LN 69, JA814A)

ZA178 (LN 27, JA824J)

ZA263 (LN 71, ET-AOR)

United Airlines
ZA288 (LN 53, N20904)

Qatar Airways (tentative)
ZA461 (LN 58, A7-BCB)

If Boeing can get these seven airplanes delivered (they're very close) then they would have delivered 10 787s this month.


greg said...

ANA just ordered 11 more 787-9s, making its order total 55 + 11 = 66. What they've got and been flying so far (about 10 787-8s) must be performing very well versus expectation.

Fedupjohn said...


I follow your blog daily, ist time commenting.

Is there any info about the lack of line movement at Charleston.

I just read a statement from Boeing that theyy are producing a frame there every 18 days.

It seems like LN65 been in Position4 for about 10 weeks.

Anonymous said...

LN65 is the last rework frame for the 787 program, Charleston has to do all rework on FAL and that slows assembly. I bet that frames past LN65 will be a lot faster for Charleston.

What worries me is the mega slow pre flight work in Charleston, they are just 3 frames into pre flight, LN46 is all done but LN54 and 60 are very slow in advance. Only one test flight of LN 54 so far.

Maybe its a shortage of test pilots?!

Fedupjohn said...

Thanks entrophian,

You response is appreicated

Macius said...

I too think, that LN65 takes ages... Can't they just skip it? Like pull it out, swap with the one on third stage and push it back somewhere? Or just leave it outside and finish there? It slows whole pipeline down...