Monday, September 24, 2012

Boeing delivers 14th 787 to ANA

Yesterday Boeing delivered the 14th 787 to ANA.  This comes on top of ANA exercising 11 787-9 options increasing their planned 787 fleet to 66 from 55.  Boeing delivered ZA119 (LN 69, JA814A).  Boeing now has delivered 24 total 787s and 21 in 2012 alone.  Thus far this month, Boeing has delivered 5 787s with 4 more (possibly 5) planned for delivery in the next few days.


graeme77 said...

It appears that ZA 263 is on its delivery flight to ADD.

Uresh said...

No it hasn't that flight is the regularly scheduled flight from Washington Dulles to Ethiopia. That's being done by the 1st 787 delviered to Ethiopian. ZA263 is still at Everett.

Anonymous said...

Will any carriers be flying between the USA and India next year? I'll be vacationing there and would love to fly on the Dreamliner.