Saturday, August 11, 2012

Updated 787 delivery information

Activity around Everett has increased in recent days as far as the 787 is concerned.  ZA100 (LN 7, JA803A) continues pre-delivery test flight, ZA262 (LN 49, ET-AOQ) performed a customer test flight and ZA118 (LN 67, JA813A) conducted its B-1 flight).  Even though August is almost one half over a posting on says that there will be 7 Dreamliner deliveries made this month not including deliveries to Air India.  The delivery train starts this Monday (August 14th) with first delivery to Ethiopian of ZA262.  Less than a week later ZA100 will deliver to ANA on the 20th.Qatar Airways is scheduled to be the 4th carrier to take the 787 (ZA461) around August 22nd followed by LAN (ZA536) on August 27th.  ANA takes one on August 28th (ZA119). Both JAL (ZA182) and ANA (ZA118) take one each on August 30th.  Again this schedule is subject to change and many of these deliveries can move to a later date.  If this schedule holds then it would be the most 787s delivered by Boeing in one month and will add 3 new airlines flying the 787. 

It is possible that Air India could be added this month but they are having a very hard time arranging financing to pay for the jets that are ready for delivery and is reflective of their financial distress.  It is unknown if Boeing will penalize them for not taking delivery in a timely manner but Air India has been aware that these airplanes are ready for delivery but chose not to pursue financing until after they got approval to take delivery from the GoI.  This reinforces the view of many that this is a very poorly managed airline.  The Air India -787 saga continues, unfortunately.

September is also promising to be just as good as August was in terms of '87 deliveries with United and China Southern both taking their first airplanes.  All September deliveries are tentatively scheduled for the second half of September and kcks off with Ethiopian taking delivery of ZA264 (LN 71, ET-AOR) on Sept. 18th as well as United (ZA288, LN 53, N20904) also signing for its first 787 on the same day.  Two days later Japan Airlines will take its 6th 787 which is an early build Dreamliner, ZA178 (LN 27, JA824J).  ANA takes a 787 which is the first 787 to be rolled out without needing to go to the EMC.  ZA135 (LN 66, JA815A) should deliver around September 25th.  Qatar Airways will take its second 787, ZA463 (LN 64, A7-BCD) on September 27 but also delivering on that date will be the first '87 for China Southern.  This airplane is ZA382 (LN 43, B-2727). 

All together this is 13 787s that is scheduled to be delivered over the next 6 weeks and will take Boeing to 25 787 delivered in 2012 not including tentative deliveries to Air India if and when that happens.  By the end of September, if all goes according that what I laid out in this post, then there will be 7 customers flying the 787 by the end of the third quarter possibly 8 with Air India.


petera380 said...


According to the web site below LN67 is JA816A,


Johanny said...

ZA100/803A flew a C1 yesterday and seemed to all go well. There was a few issues on ZA118/813A as the standard B1 flight was aborted just after turning at pacific coast.

I wonder if ZA135/815A is the first of yet another configuration of ANA 787s? From pictures, it doesn't seem to be the same as the Long Haul config

ZA100 series - Regional
ZA116 onwards - Long Haul
ZA500 series - Domestic

Uresh said...

L/N 67 is JA813A not JA816A. That site is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think ZA115 will be international as well. The window blanking is different on international configs. Not sure about ZA135, has anyone checked the windows in photos?

There was some talk that the current "regional" ZA100's are a temporary configuration, to do both both domestic and short regional until they get more high density domestics. This meant that ANA launched the 787's with 8-abreast economy seating with regional pitch and ANA's latest regional business seat, not the less impressive high density domestic layout. The current regionals have only 2 rows of business seats, far too few to take over regional routes from ANA's 767s. So they will likely be converted to larger business cabin once more ZA500- are delivered to take over the domestic flying.

Maybe ZA135 has a proper regional configuration with 6 rows or so of business seats?

petera380 said...

has now been corrected!

graeme77 said...

This forecast of deliveries is way too optimistic. There is no way that aircraft that have still not flown will be delivered by the end of the month (such as ZA119 or the JAL bird). It is highly unlikely that the LAN aircraft and ZA 118 will be delivered at a date earlier than a month from the their B1 flights.
I will stick by my earlier prediction for this month of three deliveries only, Ethiopian, Qatar and ANA.

HK Expat said...

Hi Uresh,

Any update on the bottlenecks on the Assembly Line and in the Paint Hangar?

LAN-74 has been in assembly line for 43 days now (7 more than usual) and JAL-27 has been the pain hangar for 16 days (at least 8 more than usual). I presume this also has a ripple effect as to why ETH-71 (21 days out of Assembly) and HAI-73 (9 days out of Assembly) have yet to make it into the Paint Hangar.


Johanny said...

HK Expat,

LN27/JA824J has been out of the paint hangar for a few days already:

In the background on Aug 10:

Again on Aug 11:

Phil Garnatz said...

Yesterday's delivery to Ethiopian is now on it's way to Dulles

Phil Garnatz said...

ZA238 is in the air out of Charleston:

Uresh said...

Actually it's ZA236 not 238. 238 is still grounded because of the engine failure and has yet to receive a new one.