Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boeing planning to increase 787 production to 5/month in September

Boeing execs revealed to reporters that the company is planning to increase the production rate of the 787 from the current 3.5/month to the planned 5/month starting in September. Flightglobal reporter Ghim Lay Yeo promptly Tweeted the comments about the production rate increase. It is not known which plant would see the increase but given that Boeing has activated the surge line in Everett and that some suppliers are are already producing at the higher rate, it's not too much of a surprise that Boeing can increase the rate now that the production system has stabilized. It is not known how Boeing will split the 5/month production between the different facilities but I can see 1/month coming from the surge line, 3/month coming from the main final assembly line in 40-26 and finally a firm rate of 1/month coming from the Charleston assembly line. It is also not known when in September when the rate increase will take effect but I wouldn't be surprised of it happen in the middle to late September.

Boeing spokesperson Scott Lefeber gave this statement without confirming the rate increase:

We plan to complete the next production system rate increase to 5 airplanes per month by the end of the year, tracking as expected to the planned 10 per month program production rate by late 2013.


Rob said...

Look for 4 a month in Everett, 2 from the regular line and 2 from the surge line. Teams will be jumping back and forth between the two lines.

The fifth will be from Charleston, they are getting close to 1 a month now, so to make that by the end of September is not that big of deal.

graeme77 said...

Does anyone know why the ETH aircraft and some of the ANA ones (domestic) dont show up on Flightaware?

greg said...

It had been Boeing's position to go up to 5/mon by the end of 2012, and 10/mon by the end of 2013.

Sounds like they are pulling ahead of the targets. From Lefeber's statement, it's clear they are at least pulling ahead the 10/mon target (from end of 2013 to late 2013). I think it's wise of him to stick to 5/mon by the end of the year, as they just kicked off the surge line, and it needs to prove itself first.

Capt747ret said...

With CHS reaching 3/mo in Q2/13 that would mean that we could see 7/mo at that time. If in the next 6 months Everett up’s their 2/2 rate then Boeing is really zeroing in on 10/mo.

Rob said...

It does not seem to me that they are stabilized at 3.5 a month since they have yet to deliver 3.5 in a month.

Jon Davis said...

Any hint on the QR holdups? I really expected an August delivery from them... :(

@Capt747ret: With CHS reaching 3/mo in Q2/13

That is the first I've heard anything of that fast of a ramp up in CHS.

FWIW, I'm Lightsaber over at


Capt747ret said...

8/30/12 from WarpSpeed
-- N. Chs. is expected to hit 3.5 frames/month by Q2/2013 - ahead of schedule

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work really enjoy your updates. A couple if questions if you know the answers a little worried about the union engineers talks with boeing,i really hope it dosnt go pear shaped and end in disaster with strikes etcetc adding delays to all production lines not just 787 do you know how they are moving along?, the fact qatar hasnt recieved delivery not sure why but more concerning is that camp have not said a word which worries me because they are so vocal and speaking there mind,are they waiting on the air india drama to calm down before they take center.stage?....last but not least air india,i see again no delivery as they are still waiting in some docs to be signed...i think boeing should pull the pin on the complete order,i know it wont happen and its not that easy but when these finally get handed over this will not be the last you here from air india since they will want more $$ for earlier heavy models. Do you know how they will work this out?from what i could gather they will compare to the other models that meet the specs but theres too much variables that can change the final $$ amount, so it will be another dispute that will go on and on,hence why we will never here the end of air india and a headache for boeing as im sure other airlines could be interested in how it turns out with $$ changing hands