Friday, August 31, 2012

Boeing delivers 4 787s in August

Boeing delivered a total of 4 787s during the month of August.  This is the first time that deliveries exceeded 3 in any one month and the first time when deliveries outpaced the production output which is very important in reducing the 787 inventory backlog that is parked around Paine Field.

Earlier this month Boeing delivered the first 787 to Ethiopian as well as the first 787 to enter final assembly in 2009 (ZA100, LN 7, JA803A).  During this past week Boeing delivered aircraft to LAN as the fourth operator of the aircraft as well as to ANA.  Both aircraft delivered this week did not require change incorporation.

Looking forward we can look forward to deliveries in September to United, Qatar, China Southern as well as to current operators ANA, JAL, Ethopian and possibly LAN.  Air India is TBD due to the different ministries that have to sign off on the compensation deal despite the AI staff that is in Charleston ready to complete delivery and fly the airplane to India.  ZA236 (LN 35, VT-ANH) is still sitting at the Charleston Delivery Center waiting to be flown.  Boeing was expecting to make delivery this week but it turns out some obscure Indian Government bureaucrat may be holding up the delivery.  This is, unfortunately, the reality of doing business with the Indian Government and Air India.  Something that many in the aerospace industry will be taking a note of when doing business with them.


Bernie Leighton said...

Here's LAN's 787 taking off for SCL:

Anonymous said...

Oh so ANA did take the second frame in august? I was thinking we had only 3 deliveries in august. Hope to see even more for september. QR should be one, JAL and ANA, ET and UA maybe? China Southern, the best looking livery yet :)

LN66 seemed to have a smooth B1, UAs frame had a B2 yesterday. 4 Frames have flown, many more in prep for flight, september could be an interesting month.

petera380 said...

Anything know about the LN numbers beyond 90 yet?

graeme77 said...

Your spreadsheet has only the 40-24 position one occupied,with no mention of a frame in position 1 for 40-26.
Is that intentional?