Friday, August 3, 2012

Boeing to get replacement GE engine for 787

Boeing said that they are talking to GE about getting a replacement engine for the one that failed last weekend on ZA238 (LN 54, VT-ANJ). As to impact on deliveries, Boeing is saying that no determination has been made that would impact their ability to deliver airplanes with GEnx engines. 

So obviously the engine is going to be replaced but when is not yet known.  Also Boeing is still trying to figure out (along with the NTSB and GE) what went wrong so they can determine the impact, if any, to deliveries of airplanes with GEnx engines.  I'm presuming that this will include not just the 787 but also the 747-8.  Here's a text of what Boeing sent me:

We continue to work closely with the NTSB and its party members, including GE and FAA, on the investigation. The engine will be replaced, and we're working with GE on that. Regarding deliveries, at this time, there has been no determination made that would impact our ability to deliver airplanes with GEnx engines. Of course, if at any time during the investigation it is determined that there is a need to take action, we will not hesitate to do so.


HK Expat said...

More details from Boeing India rep about the Air India deliveries. Looks like GE engine issue may not impact deliveries. I guess we'll be lucky to get the two Everett ones out before month end with the Charleston one potentially leaking into September.

HK Expat said...

The race for the 3rd delivery airline is intensifying.

Ethiopian just loaded in the system a revenue/delivery flight on August 16th (ET 2501 from IAD to ADD) which implies a delivery on Aug 13/14 with flight from KPAE to IAD on Aug 15.

AI could be taking its first as early as next weekend (Aug 11-12) if no new issues appear.

QAT's bird has completed a total of 8 test flights and should in theory be good to go right now.


Anonymous said...

First flight for LANs bird :) Things are heating up, august might still be a decent month in deliveries, if AI takes their frames as well..

LAN, Ethiopian and Qatar should get 1 each? Maybe ANA with LN7?