Thursday, July 5, 2012

Updated 787 Production - 7/5/2012

The 787 production and disposition list has been updated to reflect the firing order for airplanes 81 to 90.  This lot of aircraft should be in production through mid-October 2012.  There are no new customers on the list but LOT Polish Airlines will receive its 3rd, 4th and 5th 787s from a total order of 8.  All these aircraft should be delivered, assuming no issues with production or the aircraft, by the end of this year.  The airlines that are to get aircraft from this lot of 10 are Hainan (2), ANA, JAL (2), LOT Polish (3), Qatar, and Air India.  Airplane 90 also marks a start of the block point of 787s where Boeing is to get the 787-8 down to the promised contractual weight when the program was launched in 2004.  The airline that will receive the first aircraft in this block point is Air India, surprisingly.  Please note that this firing order can change between know and the time that these airplanes start final assembly perhaps even after they've been rolled out of the final assembly hall.


Anonymous said...

ANA ZA numbers: Do these indicate the configuration of the aircraft?
So far
Regional/domestic (Temporary layout?) have been ZA101-105
International have been ZA116 and 117
High density domestic (335 seats) ZA506,507,509

Would imply that most of the early frames awaiting rework will be high density domestic and that there will be more 2 international coming soon from the post LN 66 frames)?

petera380 said...

There is a lively debate on as to fi the ZA numbers are of any use!

Uresh said...

Yeah, I know, I['m still going to use 'em. No skin off my apple.