Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Updated 787 delivery info for July and August

There is new updated delivery information from a variety of sources concerning future deliveries of the 787.  First off, ANA apparently has taken delivery of another 787 probably yesterday.  ZA508 (LN 51, JA811A) was delivered and should fly to Japan tonight.  Apparently that looks to be the only delivery being made this month. However there is more clarity on future deliveries including those to Air India.
Air India - Ajit Singh, the Minister of Civil Aviation, reported that the GoI's CCEA should be taking up the matter of the compensation deal between Air India and Boeing in about 15 days. Now how soon after approval will these airplanes be delivered is another question.  According to a posting on airliners.net, the carrier can take delivery of four '87s before August 5th from the flightline at Charleston.  This is a rumor and there is nothing official to back it up as of yet.  We just have to stay tuned for this drama to play out.

LAN - The first aircraft for LAN has now been moved to the flightline and will presumably be starting the pre-flight testing prior to its B1 flight.  There has been some confusion as to when LAN will take this airplane but now there seems to be some clarification.  The CEO of LAN told Flightglobal that the carrier will take delivery in September.

ANA - ANA's 787 fleet is well into double digits with several more on the way.  There are 4 787s that are winding its way through pre-flight at Everett.  According to a posting in airliners.net, ZA100 (LN 7, JA803A) should be making it's B1 flight tomorrow (July 18). This airplane is projected (of course not certain) to deliver around August 8th.  The three other 787s are all airplanes that didn't need any re-work done at the EMC.   It is quite possible that all these four airplanes can deliver in August though it's more likely that a couple will deliver in August and a couple more in September from this batch.  There are still 2 more late build airplanes that are in storage that wold have to finish some amount of change incorporation and I would expect that these airplanes will be delivered later this fall. a, ZA118 is registered as JA813A (LN 67).

Finally, here's an interesting article that sums up Farnborough 2012 air show from aerospace analyst Saj Ahmad.


Michael Lowrey said...

Another 787 on the 40-51 apron, this one with a white rudder, presumably LN 70 for JAL.

Anonymous said...

what the heck is going on with the Boeing flight line, they seem to be taking for ever and a day to get anything going and nothing seems to be flying, I thought they were going to have a stream of deliveries but there must be something going on. Line 66 still no first flight?

Are they sending out frames from the EMC with only the major tasks done and the rest of the "smaller" jobs to be done on the flight line??? Im just so puzzled as to why things are not moving like they should be.

johnv777 said...

Hello Uresh,
The lack of flight test activity in the past week is both curious and disturbing. I was expecting at least one B1 flight from the 3-4 eligible frames (LN7, 54, 66,68). I was also expecting LN to be headed back from Ft Worth by now.

On the AI front, even if the deal is ratified, with LN 54 still needing a B1, and at least a week in Ft worth for paint, I do not see 4 deliveries by Aug 4th.

I was also expecting to see some activity on one or two united frames in order to make a September delivery.

Unless Boeing can really pick up the pace, there is no way they will make the estimated target for deliveries for 2012. Just my 2 cents.

johnv777 said...

Sorry, left out the LN # in my last post. Meant to say I expected LN 49 back from Ft Worth.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this has anything to do with the ANA 787's that havnt been delivered yet, first ive heard about this, not a good thing


Anonymous said...

I hope this website will help you know the unknown registrations on your spreadsheet. I do not know if they are accurate.