Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First 787 for LAN painted and on the flightline

Everett photographer Matt Cawby got a stunning photo of LAN's first 787 ZA536 (LN 68, CC-BBA) out on the 40-51 ramp after being painted.  The aircraft though reported by CAPA to be delivered in November is supposed to be delivered in August.  I expect that LAN should have at least two more 787s delivered by the end of this year.


Emily said...

Did the next 787 for ANA deliver today?

Uresh said...

As far as I kow not yet but let's see if it flys away tomorrow or Friday.

HK Expat said...

looks like there is a log jam on the flightline...
- ANA 51 awaiting C1 flight
- ANA 7 awaiting B1 flight
- ANA 66 awaiting B1 flight
- LAN 68 awaiting B1 flight
- QAT 58 C1 flight expected upon return to KPAE
... and in the paint hangar:
- ETH 49 awaiting painting
- ANA 67 awaiting painting
- ANA 69 awaiting painting

I expected a lot of that starting Mon morning when the runway opened but its now Wed night and...


HK Expat said...

seems to be a China Southern frame on the flightline (stall 103) according to Matt's new picture?