Thursday, July 12, 2012

Farnborough 2012 - Day 4

Farnborough 2012 concluded with a bang from Boeing and United Airlines.  A huge 150 aircraft deal for 100 737 MAX 9 and 50 737-900ER all firm.  Airbus did well with the widebody A330 but no orders for the A350 or A380.  In fact Airbus admitted that it wold be a stretch to book 30 A380 orders this year.  They were hoping for a book to bill ratio of 1 in that program this year.  Here's the final tally for this years air show:

Arkia - 4 x A321NEO - MoU
Avolon - 15 x A320NEO - MoU
CALC - 28 x A320, 8 X A321 - MoU
Cathay Pacific - 10 x A350-1000 - MoU (converts 16 A350-900 order to A350-1000)
CIT Group - 5 x A330- Firm
Drukair - 1 x A319 - MoU
Middle East Airlines - 5 x A320NEO, 5 x A321NEO - MoU
Synergy - 6 x A330-200, 3 x A330-200F - Firm
UTAir - 20 x A321 - MoU

Air Lease Corp - 2 x ATR 72-600
LAO Airlines - 2 x ATR 72-600
Nordic Aviation - 1 x ATR 42-600
TransAsia - 8 x ATR 72-600

Air Lease Corp - 60 x 737 MAX 8, 15 x 737 MAX 9 - Firm
ALAFCO - 20 x 737 MAX 8 - MoU
Avolon - 10 x 737 MAX 8, 5 x 737 MAX 9, 10 x 737-800 - MoU
GECAS - 75 x 737 MAX 8, 25 x 737-800 - MoU
United Airlines - 100 x 737 MAX 9, 50 x 737-900ER - Firm

AirBaltic - 10 x CS300 - LoI
Chorus Aviation - 6 x Q400 - LoI

Hebei Airlines - 5 x E190 - Firm

SkyWest Airlines - 100 x MRJ - MoU

Interjet - 5 x SSJ-100


graeme77 said...

ZA262 has filed for Fort Worth. Would that be for painting?

Bruce Sebring said...

It looks like Boeing pretty much ate Airbus' lunch :-)

Uresh said...

Yes it is for painting.

entrophian said...

BOE508 flying, is that the C1 before delivery?

Uresh said...

C1 or C2

Uresh said...

C1 or C2

entrophian said...

My bet for july is 4, 2 ANA, 1 Qatar and one for Ethiopian.

LN66,67,69 in august for ANA, LN68 for LAN i august and maybe LN70 for JAL.

Soon there will be 4 for AI, but those are really off the bet for me.

What do you think of this line up?

Uresh said...

Ethiopian and Qatar may not make July, certainly in August.

9e178960-c71a-11e1-9b22-000bcdcb5194 said...

LN67 and 69 have ZA numbers that suggest they could be the ANA international variant.
ANA are starting their new international 787 route (NRT-SEA) this month with a 77W as they are awaiting 787 delivery, but the service will be served with a 787 from October. This implies that they are not going to receive these new aircraft for sometime yet.

Musick said...

Depends on what you consider 'some time'.
October is now only ten weeks away. To get these additional aircraft through their C flights, delivered to Japan, through cabin and flight crew assignments and route proving will use up every bit of that time. They are probably using the 77W for part of the process, and to ensure pax coverage in case of any potential delay.

johnv777 said...

From Matt's latest flightline video, LN59, JA813A for ANA is now at 40-51 with engines attached. It might now be in Change incorporation status

johnv777 said...

Hello Uresh.
Did the July 12th line move happen as scheduled ?


Uresh said...

Still trying to find out.

johnv777 said...

Hello Uresh,
Even if we take the 3 AI birds out of the equation, still a very slow month so far. We are half way through July, and still Zero deliveries, and only 1 First flight. Delivery of LN 51 (ZA508) seems to be stalled, and several aircraft that we thought should have a B1 have not ( LN7, LN 54, LN66, LN67 ??? ) Any clues on what might be the delays? At this rate, if AI does not come through, we will potentially see only 1 delivery.

Uresh said...

508 should deliver this month and we might yet see Qatar's and Ethiopian's firs 87s delivered this month depending on progress.

ad7d2d3c-ced2-11e1-8c29-000bcdca4d7a said...

some time: 16 weeks from rolling out of assembly until delivery is a while for an aircraft that was supposed to be part of the first batch with no rework required. People were originally speculating the post LN66 would deliver in 3-4 weeks. Wonder if this same delay will apply to others in this batch?