Friday, August 27, 2010

More analysis of the 787 delay

Less than 24 hours after Boeing announced the delay to the 787 delivery schedule, bloggers and aviation reporters weighed in on Boeing's decision. Here's a sample:

Scott Hamlton at Leeham: New 787 Delay coming Aug. 27th

Saj Ahmad at Boeing 787 Delayed Yet Again

Daniel Tsang of Airways Aviation News: 6th Boeing 787 could be worse

Guy Norris: It's official...Trent 1000 issue prompts new 787 delay

Guy Norris: Boeing pushes first 787 delivery back to 2011

Dominc Gates: Boeing says 787 delivery pushed back to February

Aubrey Cohen: Engine issue pushes first Boeing 787 delivery to mid Q1 2011

Aubrey Cohen: Rolls Royce: Boeing 787 Dreamliner delay unrelated to mishap

And Boeing isn't the only one having issues with its new airplane program, according to the Seattle PI Airbus is cutting back its forecast of A350s to be delivered in 2013 and beyond. This is another program that will have delays as well and it is just a matter of time before they are announced:

Aubrey Cohen: Report: Airbus cuts forecast for first A350 deliveries

Back to the 787, it is interesting that Boeing posted over 17 hours of 787 test flight hours on the night they announced the new delay. Today they look to pull in at least 10 more hours of flight time as well. It does seem that Boeing is holding true (for now) that the test flight program will continue to move forward despite the latest set back.

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