Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boeing flies 500th 787 flight; ZA006 to make an appearance soon

Milestones keep adding up for the 787 program. Tonight, Boeing flew the 500th flight of a 787 with ZA004 completing a flight loads survey test flight over the Pacific Ocean. Boeing still needs to fly the Rolls Royce powered 787 another 991 hours over the next three months if it hopes to certify and deliver the 787 to ANA in time.

Meanwhile Boeing should be pulling out the last test flight 787, ZA006 powered by the GEnx-1B engines out to the fuel dock sometime tomorrow. It will then go back in the hangar for a couple days and then back out to the flightline to continue preparations for flight testing. First flight is penciled in for September 12th though that may have changed.

Lastly, another 787 will enter final assembly tomorrow. ZA178 (LN 27) is a GEnx-1B powered aircraft for Japan Airlines. It will be the last 787 to enter final assembly for about 6 weeks as Boeing is attempting to help the supply chain get caught up and to greatly reduce the travelled work coming into Everett. Boeing is aiming to increase production to 2.5 airplanes/month this fall.

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