Monday, August 9, 2010

787 comings and goings

Boeing is going to start final assembly on the 26th Dreamliner either today or tomorrow (ZA 231 for Air India) as there's been a bit of shuffling on the Boeing flight line as well as in the assembly bays and the ATS Hangar which Boeing is using to help reduce the backlog in 40-26.

Meanwhile, Boeing has continued wit some flight testing mainly with ZA002 and ZA003 but they didn't add significant hours though ZA003 did perform a fly by (no barrel roll folks, sorry) during he Seattle Seafair during which the Blue Angels performed. I was informed by Boeing, though, that the Blue Angels toured ZA003 during this past weekend.

You can read more about this in Randy's Journal:

Randy's Journal: 787 Flyover

Lastly, it seems that the first flight of ZA006 is slipping a little bit more again. The date I've heard is now September 12th. This aircraft is suppose to be on the flight line today but I have no confirmation as of yet if it has appeared or not.

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