Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boeing loses another order for 15 787s

UPDATE 2 : Well it does indeed look like DAE who has cancelled the 777-300ER and 787 orders that they palced a couple of years ago. The orders for the 737 and the 777 and 747 frieghters are still intact....for now.

UPDATE: Rumor has it that it is Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (leasing) that has cancelled those orders. I'm working to confirm.

This afternoon Boeing posted its weekly order update and in addition to losing an order for 10 777s they had lost an order for 15 787s. The number of customers who have at least that number on order is extensive though it is possible that the customer was also the source of the 10 x 777 cancellations as well.

This is not good news on top of the lost order for Cathay Pacific Airways need for a 777-200/A340-300 replacement. That airline decided on the A350-900 with an order for 30 of the type but also exercised 6 777-300ER purchase rights. There are still some important sales campaigns coming up notably the Air France/KLM decision between the A350 and the 787.


Gianfranco said...

Well, if we want to see the good side of this info, the cancellation for 15 787s will free some slots for others carriers, allowing them to receive their 787s earlier.

Uresh said...

Well DAE didn't have early delivery slots but it will free those slots up for customers who have ordered after DAE and who wish to push up their deliveries.

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