Friday, August 27, 2010

Flightblogger: Engine shortage driving latest 787 delay

In an article by Flightblogger, the newest 6 week deay has been prompted by a lack of the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines for the ninth 787 (LN 9, ZA102) as well as subsequent RR powered 787s that would be used in the flight test program. This aircraft was to be used for ETOPS testing as well as functionality and reliability testing using production standard engines. Furthermore, Flightblogger says that the uncontained failure of the engine was an engine that to eventually hang off the wing of ZA102 and power that aircraft. This engine is a package "A" engine.

It is unclear now if the package "A" engines will power any of the production 787s or not. The package "A" are an older, less fuel efficient design of the Trent 1000. There is a blame game going on here between Boeing and Rolls Royce with Rolls saying that the uncontained failure had nothing to do with the delay but it was Boeing's testing schedule that prompted the latest delay. My problem is that Boeing's testing schedule has been known for quite sometime and had to have been communicated to RR in order for them to meet Boeing's needs. Something doesn't sound right when you hear Rolls Royce side of the problem.

Flightblogger: Lack of Production Engine for Airplane 9 drives 787 delay

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