Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm Baaack!!

Ok well some of you are wondering where I've been for the last one week. After the 787 first flight I may dropped of the edge of the world but no such luck. I was in India for a family wedding but now I'm back. I'm planning a posting reviewing the 787 first flight as well as the first flight for ZA002 which is supposed to happen later today according to Flightblogger.

ZA002 to fly December 22nd, weather permitting

At the moment I'm still stuck in transit waiting for my return flight to NY which is already delayed 3 hours! In the meantime, do enjoy these pics that I took of my ride from Brussels to Mumbai, India. It's a Jet Airways 777-300ER (registration VT-JEH). Have fun and I hope to have an update up in the next coupld of days.

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