Friday, December 4, 2009

Flightblogger: 787 First Flight Date's a Moving Target

Well the title sums it all up. I even heard a date of Dec. 12th though I really think that date is not realistic. One pattern is emerging: the date is going to be between Dec. 14th and Dec. 22nd and Boeing is marching towards that date.

Flightblogger reported that Boeing performed software checks as well as testing the thrust reversers. The final gauntlet testing is still schedule for next week and ZA002 is inside going through some final reassembly activities as well as getting it's fuel tanks washed out.

Also Matt Cawby reported on his blog that Boeing conducted VHF radio checks on the same frequency that was used for the taxi tests. The nose section for LN14 (Dreamliner 14) was delivered today on the LCF from Spirit Aerosystems.


Matt Cawby

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