Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flightblogger: Boeing Increases 787 weights and shrinks 787-9 wing

As Boeing prepares for the first 787 flight, Flightblogger revealed that Boeing has increased the maximum take off weights (MTOW) weights of all three 787 variants. He cites the latest 787 airport compatibility report. For the 787-8 the MTOW was increased by 8,400kg though this will start with aircraft 20. For the 787-3 the MTOW is increased by 5,000kg and the 787-9 MTOW increased by 2,270kg.

Additionally, Boeing has decided to reduce the length of the 787-9 wing from 61.9m to the same length of the 787-8 which is 60.1m. The 787-9 and 787-8 were originally to have the same length wing but Boeing decided to in increase it to 61.9 but now has reduced back in order to help save weight.

Flightblogger: Boeing increases 787 MTOW, reduces 787-9 wing

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